Fragster | 21. September 2022

Fragster League of Legends player Introduction: Youca

Our League of Legends roster has been given a new coat of paint and we welcome three new players to the lineup for the upcoming Prime League Division 3.1 split. Youca, Millidan, and Honest enrich the roster in the top and mid lane as well as in the jungle. We start with introducing Luca “Youca”.

Youca (by the way, his name is made up of You & Luca) is 21 years old and originally comes from the Munich area, now settled in the greater Hanover area. He counts F1 and Hearts of Iron 4 among his favorite games, while his favorite series is Blacklist. Youca joins Fragster League of Legends team as top laner. 

This is Youca

Luca started gaming at the age of 12. Gaming got him thanks to his father, who showed him the real-time strategy game “Age of Mythology” back then. His most special experience in gaming was playing in the second division of the Prime League and meeting a lot of great people there. Contrary to gamer clichés, Luca sports 4 times a week and also plays basketball. What applies to him, however, is the social awkwardness that gamers are often said to have.

After graduating from high school, Luca began studying computer science while advancing his LoL career. In particular, his ability to get along with everyone and approach the game with a certain logic sets him apart from other players. What moves Luca in the gaming industry is the competitive challenge and the ambition to get better.

Youca is, as he says himself, a chaotic person when it comes to orderliness and structure. Despite this, he finds everything he is looking for in no time. Sometimes he is not directly open, but over time it becomes better. His favorite weapons in video games are axes and hammers. 

Sporty chaos on the top lane

In addition to gaming, Youca also likes to watch Twitch streams. He was particularly impressed by the streams from his former teammate Autophil, but he also likes to watch smaller streamers, with whom he is also in private contact, while they play games. Purely because of the synergy, Youca would like to play a private evening with Autophil again. That would be a duo to watch! His longest gaming session lasted a maximum of 12 hours.

We welcome Youca to our League of Legends roster and of course, we wish him and the rest of the team success in the upcoming split. The rest of the player spotlights will follow the days here on Fragster.