Fortnite’s Twitter account has been hacked

Strange messages appeared on the official Fortnite Twitter account for a few hours. The reason for those messages is... Maria | 2. June 2023

Strange messages appeared on the official Fortnite Twitter account for a few hours. The reason for those messages is that crypto pumpers had hacked the account.

In the last days of the season, all Fortnite fans saw a countdown on the Twitter account; also, some esports announcements could be seen. However, yesterday, the posts on the account became a bit strange. A group of cryptocurrency scammers hacked the account.

Although the account was hacked briefly, Epic Games has announced that they will take action on this event. Hackers have managed to gain access to the “FNCompetitive” account and wanted to scam followers with cryptocurrencies.

Fortnite’s Twitter account has been hacked

Hackers who accessed Fortnite’s Twitter account have tried to sell cryptocurrencies, where they posted an ETH address for followers to make a money deposit and promised the launch of a new coin.

In addition, the hackers announced that the minimum purchase was 0.05 ETH, equivalent to approximately $93. The scam appeared successful as the promise of a new coin was made.

In general this type of Twitter scam, hackers usually deposit fake coins to people who fall into the trap. Recall that the lack of regulation in cryptocurrencies allows anyone to create a fraudulent Fortnite coin. Fortunately, no person fell into the scammers’ trap.

The Fortnite cybersecurity account managers quickly regained control of the account and deleted the message posted by the hackers.

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Credits: FNCompetitive | Twitter

Reminder to increase account security

The hack of Fortnite’s Twitter account has served as a reminder to everyone to have increased security for accessing their accounts.

We should remember that the hacking of this account is not the first time it has happened to a well-known brand. These hackers attack big brands; sometimes, they have hacked some of the biggest YouTube channels, very big Twitter accounts, and other platforms.

Fortnite Metaverse

It is important to note that Epic Games has never commented anything about a cryptocurrency; it even seems unlikely.

Fortnite developers claim that the game is about a metaverse; however, it is far from what the scammers intended. Instead, the game’s metaverse is centered on crossovers and in-game events.

Epic Games has not attempted to integrate cryptocurrencies into the game and may never do so. On many occasions, the developer’s executives have commented their position against including them in Fortnite.

However, thanks to Fortnite’s success as a metaverse, scammers will likely keep coming. So we recommend that Fortnite players be especially careful with out-of-the-ordinary communications on the game’s official accounts.

Header: Epic Games