Fortnite Season 4 End Date Revealed

Fortnite fans now have a much clearer indication as to when both Season 4 will end and Season 5... Pablo | 1. September 2020

Fortnite fans now have a much clearer indication as to when both Season 4 will end and Season 5 will begin, with well-known leakers having revealed the news this week. Season 4 delivered exciting updates for all types of gamers, with anticipation for the next chapter already being high as a result.

According to those in the know, Fortnite Season 4 will end on November 30th, however judging by how Epic Games have operated in the past, it could well be that this is not 100% set in stone. In fact, Season 1 Chapter 2 was delayed by over 100 days, however it is unlikely that such a scenario will play out this time around.

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe’s partnership with Fortnite has been one of the highlights of Season 4, with many having enjoyed the enhanced interaction with popular culture. There is still plenty to look forward to this season too, with future patches potentially offering yet more surprises. However, with Streamer and leaker HypeX was one of the first to discover break the news just a matter of days ago, with Patch Night having delivered a bunch of new details surrounding the game and potential updates.

What Can We Expect from Fortnite Season 5?

Leaks surrounding Fortnite Season 5 suggest that the likes of Black Panther, Wolverine, The Hulk, Storm and even Thor will be deployable as new heroes, while the introduction of a new game mode is another major talking point. Box fights has already been discussed by players, with this ranked game mode having first been seen on picture content from game files, where an Arena playlist was already being worked on. We have already seen a variety of limited test events, where Fortnite players could take part in as many as 20 Box Fight matches, with Clix having won all to come out on top in North America East.

Community creations from Fortnite tinker saw the addition of Zone Wars as a game mode previously, with box fighting expected to be the next step, with many having expressed their delight at such updates.

What is Left on Fortnite Season 4?

Fortnite Season 4 will likely run for a period of around three months, with plenty of new content remaining. As such, the time spent waiting for Season 5 should not be lengthy, unlike what we saw between Seasons 1 and 2 back in February this year. Season 4 could be extended slightly in order to cater for the number of “foil” or “enlightened” skins in the Battle Pass, which requires players to reach level 220 to unlock all variants. As such, more time could be given to those who do not have the luxury of playing for several hours per day.