Fortnite revealed a new ranked mode and competitive rankings

A tweet via Fornite’s official Twitter handle is catching everyone’s eye. It looks like Epic Games is teasing the... Jason | 12. May 2023

A tweet via Fornite’s official Twitter handle is catching everyone’s eye. It looks like Epic Games is teasing the introduction of ranked mode gameplay in Fortnite. Here is everything we know about this recent development.

Although It was not mentioned anywhere that Fortnite is going to introduce some competitive rank mode. However, the cryptic tweet stated:

A new way to grab the Victory Royale is coming… Will you rise through the ranks?

Along with this, Fortnite also released a 21-second-long teaser where they displayed some badges in different variants such as Bronze, Gold, Diamond, and so on. Not to mention, the actual names of these ranks are yet to be decided. Fans are assuming that this might be a new skills tier division like we usually see in different competitive ranked-based games. A total of eight badges were displayed in the reveal trailer pumped up by intense background music.


Probably “Arena mode” is getting teased

As mentioned earlier, it was not stated whether Fortnite’s new teaser is talking about competitive rank mode. Thus, this moves us to the second probability of Arena Mode. The nature of Fortnite’s upcoming ranked mode is currently uncertain, leaving players eager for more information. It remains unclear whether it will expand on the existing Arena mode or introduce an entirely new ranked play experience for the battle royale game. The anticipation is heightened as the tease today.

When to expect this new feature?

The release date for Fortnite’s ranked play mode is still unknown, leaving players in anticipation. However, with the upcoming Fortnite Chapter Four, season three scheduled to start in less than a month, more information about the competitive mode is likely to be revealed in the coming weeks. As the wait continues, there is a possibility that the introduction of ranked play is imminent. Players are advised to remain patient and stay tuned for further updates from Epic Games regarding this exciting addition to the game.

Competitive ranked mode in other games

Multiplayer games have always been pushed through the agenda of competitiveness. Thus, leading to features such as Progression Rewards, Skill-based matchmaking has been incorporated into various games. The prime examples are Valorant and Overwatch ranks and league systems. Recently, Warzone 2 also included a ranked mode that blends a competitive ranking system with a Battle Royale mode.

Overall, this seems to be a great year for Fortnite although we are only halfway through. Just recently, It was revealed that The International Olympic Committee(IOC) has included Fortnite as an esports title in the Olympics. Furthermore, there was a hit collaboration with the popular anime Attack on Titan and lots of epic crossover is already lined up.

Header: Fragster/Fortnite