Fortnite – Chapter 3: A New Animal might be coming to Fortnite

Popular Fortnite leaker and dataminer, HYPEX has revealed that Epic Games will be adding a new animal to the... | 1. December 2021

Popular Fortnite leaker and dataminer, HYPEX has revealed that Epic Games will be adding a new animal to the Fortnite island in Fortnite Chapter Three. For the past four years since the first chapter and first season of Epic games battle royal title, Fortnite was published, the game has gone through a series of changes and evolution.

There have been lots of meta changes, which saw the addition and removal of different characters, weapons and other items. These constant changes have made the game interesting, always relevant, and have also kept the fans and players busy either trying to ramp up their arsenal or playing catchup especially when they miss a new tweak. This time around, popular Fortnite leaker and dataminer, HYPEX has revealed that Epic Games may be adding a new animal to the island in the next Fortnite season.

Chapter 2 is coming to an end

Fortnite is currently in the last weeks of its Chapter 2 Season 8. As the “Cubed” season gradually wraps up with the formation of the Convergence, all is set for the ever-popular battle royale title to draw the curtains with a phenomenal event tagged “The End.” The game’s publishers had in days past, announced the date and time of the season finale event, urging fans and players to log in and participate in this epic battle to determine the fate of the island.

This final battle is expected to end in chaos, as the Cubed Queen seeks to unleash a lethal terror that will extinguish all life forms on the island. Thanks to this leak, however, we can now rightfully assume that whether or not the Cube Queen succeeds in grinding the entire island to dusty particles, at least one animal will spring forth as a life form when the dusk settles.

According to the famous Fortnite dataminer and leaker HYPEX, the animal Seagulls will be the next creature making a debut appearance on this Epic Game’s free-to-play title. According to a tweet posted on their official Twitter handle, HYPEX reveals that Seagulls will be the next flying animal on the island. They said they found the bird in one of chapter 3’s concept art pieces.

Seagulls in Fortnite

The flying animal will be domiciled around a tropical or beach area, which will probably be a new region to be introduced in the map of the game’s next chapter. The tweet also stated that the leaker isn’t sure of the exact time when the anima will arrive on the island, but it will most probably happen in Season 1 of the forthcoming Chapter 3.

If this leak is anything to go by, it’ll make Seagulls the eleventh animal to be added to the popular battle royale game since its inception four years ago. The first animals were introduced in Chapter 2 Season 3, and in Season 6, a bunch of other tamable animals flooded the island, with Loot Shark and Supply Llamas being the longest standing animal species amongst them all.

Players can interact with these animals in different ways. They can even get some valuable loot by eliminating the most recently added animals, Crows, which made their first appearance in the current Season 8. HYPEX did not offer any explanations about how Seagulls work, however, players have to be on the lookout to know how to use the new animal to tweak the gameplay in their favor.

Lots of changes

While the addition of this new animal sounds interesting for the new season of the battle royale title, it certainly doesn’t spark as much enthusiasm as the rumor of a new throwable axe weapon coming next season. Also revealed by HYPEX, the new throwable axe has blue accents and is designed with Meowscle stickers. On seeing the screenshot of the throwable axe posted on HYPEX official Twitter account, fans have speculated that it may be Leviathan’s Axe in the movie God of War. HYPEX has also teased the addition of a new sliding mechanic, which is billed to come to the game in the next season.

With these possible new additions, it is obvious that Epic Games will be implementing lots of meta changes in the game play this coming season. Fans are excitedly on the lookout as we count down to the end of Chapter 2 Season 8, and the beginning of an all new chapter and season.