Formula One Star Lando Norris Launches Esports Team

It has certainly been a busy period for Lando Norris, with the British Formula One driver having followed up... Pablo | 13. November 2020

It has certainly been a busy period for Lando Norris, with the British Formula One driver having followed up a medium podium at the Australian Grand Prix back in July with the launch of a brand new Esports team. The 20-year-old played a key role in the launch of Team Quadrant, who will focus upon gaming, racing and content creation.

The team was announced on November 6, with Norris’ significant following meaning that Quadrant have an excellent platform to build upon. Norris took to competing virtually upon the 2021 Formula One season being delayed because of Covid-19, with the Brit having already attracted more than 600,000 followers on Twitch.

What Does the Future Hold for Team Quadrant?

Speaking on the announcement of the team, Norris stated that “Quadrant is something I’ve wanted to do for a long while. While racing will be a focus and be a bigger passion than almost any other esports, Quadrant is hopefully going to be expanding into many other different categories of esports and games.”
We already have an idea as to which direction Quadrant will be going in, with the team having also announced that sim racing content creators Steve “SuperGT” Alvarez Brown and Aarav “Aarava” Amin had joined their ranks, alongside Niran “FNG” Yesufu and “RiaBish”. RiaBish is a British personality who will deliver gaming and lifestyle content for Quadrant, while she has over 13,000 Twitch followers to her name. Speaking after joining Team Quadrant, RiaBish took to Twitter to share her excitement:

“AHHH!!! I’m so happy to finally announce the launch of @Team_Quadrant alongside the amazing @LandoNorris @_aarava @_SuperGT & @TheOfficialFNG. You guys will get to enjoy not only gaming content but lifestyle as well EVERY WEEK! Excited for the future with these amazing people.”

Why Quadrant Already Has a Good Platform

The Team Quadrant YouTube channel has already gained 25,000 subscribers, demonstrating in part just how popular sim racing gaming has become. Quadrant will continue to work on growing its online presence, however it is expected that they will look to move into different Esports scenes as they do.

Norris has joined fellow Formula One driver Romain Grosjean in launching an Esports team, with the Frenchman having announced R8G eSports back in April. With Norris quickly becoming one of the biggest names in motor racing, Team Quadrant has massive potential. We will wait patiently for further updates from them.