Former LoL pro Uzi: This is what pro gamers should avoid

Many retired esports players tend to take a bit of their time to give some advice to young people... Eduardo | 22. March 2023

Many retired esports players tend to take a bit of their time to give some advice to young people who are just starting in this world. Undoubtedly, no one better than them who spent many years of their life in the scene, is ideal for this kind of advice. That is why Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao, one of the most legendary League of Legends players in China, has decided to give some advice to young players.

First, for those who don’t know who Uzi is, we will tell you that he played under the RNG banner and won the MSI in 2018. Also, according to Liquipedia, the player won approximately $594,421 in prize money in his career.

Uzi advises in a live broadcast

After he retired from the professional scene, Uzi turned to the same thing as most players who make this decision, content creation. In one of his live streams, we could see how Uzi took the trouble to dedicate a few words of support to Hu “Leave” Hong-Chao, the EDW bot laner.

Uzi, the legendary AD Carry of Royal Never Give Up, advised Leave, the EDW bot laner, that he should not date any girl for the next three years. Then, he repeats this advice, telling him he should not fall in love in the next three years because, according to Uzi, he will be a millionaire.

On the other hand, the player clarified his ideas and said that the issue was not that players should choose between being a billionaire and love, but claimed that Leave, in this case, can find love after becoming a millionaire.

Then, Uzi said that he should only endure sharing with the women in his family for three years because that is how to become a millionaire in a very short time in the LoL scene in China. According to Uzi, an affair for a 20-year-old player would mean a tremendous distraction that could affect the player’s performance.

Finally, the Chinese LoL legend said players often date girls to hang out for a while, not thinking about marriage. That’s why he says you can’t consider a romance something that doesn’t lead to marriage.

About Uzi

As we mentioned, Uzi is one of the legendary players in the Chinese League of Legends scene. The last time we saw him on the servers was under the banner of BiliBili Gaming in the 2022 season, when he played the LPL and finished in 7th-8th place.

After retiring, Uzi focused on creating his family, he married his longtime girlfriend, and now they have a son. In addition, the player continues to share knowledge about the LPL, and on several occasions, we can see him playing ranked games on his channel.

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