Henrieta | 24. June 2022

Fnatic launches Esports College Parnter Programme for UK

Fnatic has today revealed its new college partner programme for students in the United Kingdom. According to the organization’s official statement, the programme seeks to “provide students real-world experiences and networking opportunities within the esports industry”. 

Three partnerships with UK colleges have been announced, namely Queen Mary’s College, Access Creative College and Havant and South Downs College. The programme is set to launch at the beginning of the next school term — in September 2022. 

Fnatic’s college programme

Besides providing students with industry opportunities, the mission of Fnatic’s college program is to “support the younger generation as much as possible”, as it’s the “future of esports”. The organization aims to “create a supportive, inclusive and engaged offering” in order to support the work of its college partners.

The programme will keep up with the Pearson Esports BTEC curriculum, a specialist esports-focused qualification for students in the UK that combines practical learning with theory. The Esports BTEC is currently offered by 70 schools across UK and is studied by more than 2000 students. 

The Fnatic college programme will include creative tasks, webinars, guest lectures, networking events and a Discord community to network with Fnatic staff, industry speakers and other students in the programme and share industry news and opportunities. As a part of the project, the British organization said it will support ìts partnered institutions by providing discounts and prizes for tournaments, as well as high-tech equipment. 

While more details regarding the program are yet to be revealed, Fnatic plans to develop and add new features to the programme along the way. 

James Fraser-Murison, Esports Director at Queen Mary’s College and National Trainer for Pearson, spoke on the announcement: 

“This is huge for our esports students and also the college. To partner up with the biggest esports organization in the UK, will mean we are directly giving our esports students a step-up into the industry with first-hand experiences and career advice and opportunities from a global brand. Their business and educational understanding will also directly link to our teaching of the esports BTEC and also create work experience opportunities within our partnership.”

Gen.G helping students in Korea 

Although it’s not that common, this is not the first time an esports org has gotten involved in supporting esports education. A good example can be the South Korean esports org Gen.G, which launched its own esports academy in Seoul in 2019. The Gen.G Elite Esports Academy offers a US-accredited education with a US high school diploma. Moreover, GenG. also partnered with the University of Kentucky to launch an international esports exchange programme with Hanyang University and Korea University.

Header: Fnatic