Fragster | 25. July 2022

First images of new Apex Legend Vantage leaked

The teaser season for Apex Legends is in the full swing, but a recent preview of what appears to be an upcoming Stories from the Outlands video may have given fans more than was originally intended. It could be that the leaked character is Vantage, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Observant fans recently found a new preview for an episode of Stories from the Outlands titled “Survive” in the Apex client. The preview also showed a female character with a headset on and dark spots on her face but was promptly removed by Respawn Entertainment and can no longer be found in the game. It seems that the trailer wasn’t supposed to be released at all and that its release was just an accident.

Have we seen Vantage?

The woman in the preview bears a close resemblance to the character named Vantage, who was part of the massive leak back in March. She was one of the two characters alongside Newcastle to have their own model in the leak, leading many to believe she would be the legend of season 14.

Vantage’s leaked abilities include a “winged companion” that she can tactically teleport to. Her passive ability reportedly gives her the ability to gather intel by aiming with a “long-range scope” or unarmed and targeting the enemy. As an ultimate ability, she has a customized sniper rifle that she can use to “tag” enemies.

Marked enemies are scanned for Vantage’s team, and the rifle’s damage doubles on consecutive shots. The March leaks included nine legends, five weapons, and heirlooms for Crypto and Valkyrie. Both heirlooms later materialized exactly as presented in the leaks, underscoring the authenticity of the rest of the leaked information.

Vantage preview

Various information is already known

Respawn recently posted a series of diary-like information on Twitter. The caption of the post read: “You gotta keep yourself busy when you’re one of the only two people on the planet.” In each diary entry, a seemingly young and energetic girl reports on her hunts. Each page is accompanied by doodles about the fauna living on the planet.

According to the in-game countdown, the current 13th season of Apex Legends named Saviors ends on August 9. The most recent set of teasers for the next season and its playable character will likely continue in the following weeks, leading up to Season 14, which, if the Tales from Outland preview is to be believed, will hit the live servers on the same day.

Header: Respawn Entertainment