FGC: NAVI signs AK Laverez as its newest Tekken player

Natus Vincere has just signed one of the best Tekken players in the world. 2024 Combo Breaker champion Alexandre... Paolo | 12. June 2024

Natus Vincere has just signed one of the best Tekken players in the world.

2024 Combo Breaker champion Alexandre “AK” Laverez has just been signed to the black-and-yellow brand after years of playing for local brand PlayBook Esports.

The Filipino Tekken Legend and his trademark Shaheen pick announced their transfer in a video post Wednesday night, on the occasion of the Philippines’ 126th Independence Anniversary.

“We are excited to welcome AK to NAVI and look forward to his performance in Riyadh,” NAVI said in a statement.

“The happiest day of my life was when I won Combo Breaker 2024, and today is the second happiest day, because I joined NAVI. More highlights and wins ahead. Stay tuned guys!” AK said in his brief video message.

AK has been one of the best Tekken athletes to come out of the Philippines. Aside from his win in Combo Breaker 2024, AK has made waves in the Tekken community since he began playing at age six. His competitive journey started in 2009 with Tekken 6, but he gained international recognition in 2013 when he placed third at the King of Iron Fist Global Championship in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at just 13 years old.

AK Laverez’s prowess continued in Tekken 7, where he secured several top finishes, including second place at the WEGL Super Fight Invitational, EVO Japan 2019, and the Tekken World Tour Finals Last Chance Qualifiers in 2019 and 2023. His dedication and skill culminated in his first major international victory in Tekken 8, winning Combo Breaker 2024 by defeating notable competitors Rangchu, Farzeen, and Arslan Ash in the Top 8.

He has also won a silver medal as the Philippines’ representative to the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

NAVI now has two Tekken players at its disposal, the other being Kim “Kkokkoma” Moo-jong. They will both be managed by Maryna “Rin Hallward” Rohovska.

NAVI is one of the 30 teams selected for the Esports World Cup Club Support Program, which gives teams a one-time six-figure stipend if an organization is willing to enter new esports as well as additional funding each year if they drive viewership and fan engagement to the Esports World Cup.

Currently, NAVI’s CS2, Apex Legends, and PUBG Battlegrounds (PC) team will be competing at the Esports World Cup.