Shubh | 8. August 2022

FaZe smash 100T to reach LCQ upper final

FaZe Clan dismantled 100 Thieves 3-0 to meet the Guard in the upper final of NA VCT Last Chance Qualifiers.

In an exciting best-of-three series, FaZe defeated 100T to advance to the VCT Last Chance Qualifier upper finals. Andrej “babybay” Francisty’s exceptional performance overwhelmed the big guns of the 100T, dropping them to the lower bracket of the event. Although Babybay stole the show, the entire roster contributed to the team’s success and played as a unit to maintain the rounds in their favor.

FaZe vs. 100T Match Summary

FaZe Clan chose Haven to open the series, and the group did all in their power to turn Haven into hell for 100T. Having an 8-4 advantage at the end of the first half, the squad forced their opponents to hold onto the ball. In the second half, 100T continued to drop rounds after rounds but attempted to make up for it by winning two more. However, the damage had already gotten out of hand, and FaZe rallied to finish off the map with a 13-6 score.

After dominating the first map, FaZe faltered at Breeze, giving 100 Thieves the opportunity to gather significant momentum and mount a stunning comeback. 100T dominated the first half, building a respectable 8-4 lead thanks to Derrek “Derrek” Ha’s outstanding effort at the frontlines. FaZe managed to win four quick rounds in the second half as they made an effort to recover the lead. 100T, however, put an end to their surge by holding them without a single defensive lapse while winning five rounds in the second half to secure a handy 13-8 win.

100 Thieves maintained the momentum and put forth their best performance in the final map of the series to build a massive 9-3 lead. With a K/D/A of 27/13/0 and an average combat score of 339 in the second half, babybay completely tuned the game’s course in the favour of FaZe.The team kept winning off multiple clutches from multiple players, turning the 9-3 curse true for 100T. In the second half, Derrek and the team failed to win even a single round, ending the map and the series with a heartbreaking defeat.

FaZe survived the first week of LCQ

The FaZe Clan is in a sweet spot following the conclusion of the first weekend of the Last Chance Qualifier. The team advanced to the upper bracket finals after remarkable performances against EG and 100T. The main duelist for FaZe, babybay, has consistently been a driving force behind the team’s lethal firepower and has been a major factor in both of their recent victories.

The performance of Babybay at NA VCQ has been top-notch so far, with his playmaking abilities creating a huge difference at crucial points. At NA VCT, Babybay has the highest average combat score and average round damage. Phat “supamen” Lexfder has also been an important player for team FaZe with an 81 percent kill-assist-survive-trade rating, second only to vanity’s 82 percent, and the second highest average damage per round.

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