Daria Belous | 4. July 2022

FaZe Clan releases Fortnite pro Cented for using racial slur on stream

FaZe Clan recently parted ways with one of its promising Fortnite players just for one word. Evan “Cented” Barron was let go off the team because of a racist slur he used on the live stream. 

On July 3, Twitter was flooded with a clip of a streamer who was broadcasting Fortnite. Cented joined the streamer’s voice chat and instantly greeted the host with a racist slur. The streamer didn’t call out Cented and just said that he was live. 

The 19-year-old Cented is currently one of the most prominent Fortnite pro stars. He was the FNCS finalist six times with Team Liquid before receiving the proposal to join FaZe Clan in March 2021. 

While almost everyone predicted Cented’s successful career in esports, he made a serious mistake, which is seemingly out of the line with FaZe Clan’s brand vision and overall values of the club.

The reaction of FaZe Clan 

The organization responded to the issue immediately and announced that it parted ways with Cented because of his “use of hate speech”.  Based on its official statement, the club doesn’t support such ways of communication.

It’s important to note that such words shouldn’t count as normal attitude and the reaction of FaZe Clan was expected, as the organization claims to look to improve the community, not poison it. 

The response of Cented

Cented admitted his mistake without hesitation and said that the decision of his departure was mutual from both sides of the story. The player apologized on his Twitter account and revealed that his ego ruined him as a person as he rage-tweeted many awful things, sent inappropriate direct messages and made a lot of enemies because of that.  

In his TweetLonger post, Cented shared:

“To the Fortnite community and the community that’s given me a platform and a voice, I’m sorry for acting in this way. I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to be an example, a role model and arguably a decent human being and chose not to. I chose to put myself and everything I represent in jeopardy by being immature. I am ashamed of myself and my actions.” 

It seems that one word is enough only to ruin the player’s career in esports, however, everyone deserves a second chance. Cented could possibly earn it by changing his attitude and growing from that situation, as he’s quite young to leave the scene so early. It remains to be seen whether some esports club will give him another opportunity to represent it on Fortnite’s competitive scene. 

Header credit: FaZe Clan, Cented