Radu M. | 30. September 2022

FaZe Clan are about to lose their number one spot in CS:GO

ESL Pro League Season 16 is about the enter the semifinals stage and FaZe Clan have already been eliminated. Meanwhile, Team Liquid have qualified for the semis and Natus Vincere are about to play against G2 in the quarterfinals.

Both of these teams could steal FaZe Clan’s spot but Liquid would need to win to receive the honor of being regarded by the community as the number one team in CS:GO. In Na’Vi’s case, a victory in the quarterfinals against G2 Esports would probably do it, because the CIS team is regarded as being very close in strength to FaZe.

How FaZe Clan lost the quarterfinals against Cloud9

Even before the match began, people suspected that FaZe might struggle against Cloud9. The North American team had played well in the group stage and their only defeat was against Team Liquid. FaZe were still expected to win the battle, but the chance of an upset was real.

The first map of the match was Inferno and the two teams were almost perfectly equal both individually as well as tactically. The first half finished with a score of 8-7 in favor of Cloud9 but in the second half, FaZe were just a little bit better and won with a score of 16-13.

The second and third maps were Ancient and Mirage. Both times, Cloud9 dominated Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s team. The scores were 16-8 and 16-11. With this loss, FaZe have demonstrated that they’re no longer the formidable team that won the last CS:GO Major.

Apart from the stellar reputation as the world’s number one team, another thing that was lost in the match against C9 was the opportunity to win season 4 of the Intel Grand Slam. FaZe will have that opportunity again, at the Major, if they qualify.

Na’Vi’s chances against G2 Esports

Na’Vi played well in the Round of 12 against Heroic and won the match with a score of 2-1. The first two maps finished with very close scores (14-16 and 16-14) but the third one was one-sided: 16-7.

The only problem is that G2 have looked incredibly strong in the group stage and won their group with five consecutive wins. They didn’t even lose a single map and two of their opponents were FaZe Clan and Outsiders.

Nikola “NiKo” Kovac and Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov are in top form right now. If there ever was a time to beat Na’Vi, it is certainly now. A victory for G2 would be more than welcome by the CS:GO community.

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