FACEIT launches Pro League in South America

FACEIT has announced the formation of FACEIT Pro League South America, adding the continent to the organizer’s list of... Fragster | 19. October 2022

FACEIT has announced the formation of FACEIT Pro League South America, adding the continent to the organizer’s list of regions which includes FPL Europe and FPL North America. 

FACEIT’s South American league system will feature a monthly prize pool of $10,000 in the major leagues, with an additional $2,500 per month awarded to participants in the FPL-C.

FPL South America

The matchmaking-style league will be an open format league where players can work their way up through the league system, with the top two players on the FPL-C leaderboard earning a spot in the Main Division qualifiers at the end of each month. FACEIT also confirmed that the player roster will continue to evolve based on various key factors such as performance in local tournaments, global tournaments, and general feedback from all FPL members.

All players from the South American continent will be able to qualify for the FPL, although FACEIT says it will “keep an eye on any language barrier issues between Portuguese and Spanish speaking players in FPL and FPL Challenger”.

The concept of the FPL South America

In 2015, FACEIT teamed up with some of the best professional players to develop the FPL and solve the two known problems that seem to affect almost every esports title: Professional players want a higher-level environment than traditional public matchmaking systems offers, while new talent has trouble to with standing out and being discovered by organizations.

FPL poses itself as one solution to both problems, seeking to foster an environment that delivers great value to players through three key mechanisms — funding, networks, and the public.


As many talented players have access to the FPL, it makes it a unique training ground where current pro players and emerging talent can train, improve and hone their skills. Each match is highly competitive and counts towards the monthly leaderboards that offer notable financial rewards for the best players.


As a closed community of players, the FPL allows professional players and new talent many interactions on a daily basis. Over the years, the FPL has grown into a strong community and network for players, allowing them to easily create new teams, take the next step in their careers or join professional organizations for the first time.


Unlike public matchmaking systems, FPL matches can feel like an all-star match, featuring some of the most talented players in the world. Players have an opportunity to live stream content that showcases metas or how pro players communicate. This is beneficial especially for the new talent, who can showcase themselves to the community and possibly be recruited by esports organizations.