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The popular American organization, Sentinels, has created a new fan club called SEN Society, which consists of an exclusive... Eduardo | 18. May 2023

The popular American organization, Sentinels, has created a new fan club called SEN Society, which consists of an exclusive paid service for all its fans who want some very cool benefits from the organization. According to the official press release, all those fans who subscribe to the SEN Society will have access to different exclusive items from the brand and the players themselves.

There is no doubt that this is an excellent way to bring the team and its players closer to the fans, as we all know that for many, it is a dream to interact with their favorite players. In addition, it will also give the privilege to many to have unpublished content that, undoubtedly, does not appear on social networks or official broadcasts.

Sentinels announce the launch of SEN Society

On May 17, Sentinels announced on its Twitter account the launch of SEN Society, a subscription-based fan club.

As mentioned, those fans who decide to join the Sentinels fan club or SEN Society will have access to many never-before-seen contents and offers on merchandising products and will have access to the players themselves. On the other hand, the video also refers to the fact that content will be uploaded weekly, and those who join in the first week will get “special pins.”. All this so they can brag about being a club member from their first days.

How does the SEN Society organization’s “player access” work?

There is no doubt that the section that attracts the most attention is that of having access to professional Sentinels players. This is mainly because fans who subscribe to the fan club can meet with the players, have live Q&A sessions, and even record content with them.

The SEN Society monthly subscription is $5, and, as mentioned, it will come with a special pin and a card that will allow fans to get discounts and many more advantages.

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Credits: Sentinels | SEN Society

About Sentinels

The launch of SEN Society comes after the organization changed its name to Phoenix1 five years ago. Currently, the organization has esports teams in different video games such as Halo, Apex Legends, and VALORANT.

Moreover, it has really popular content creators in its lineup in the esports scene, such as former professional CS:GO player Tarik “Tarik” Celik and Brandon “Aceu” Winn. As we all know, Tarik is very popular in his VALORANT streams, while Aceu does the same in Apex Legends.

On the other hand, Sentinels joins other major organizations with a subscription-only fan club. Recall that Team Liquid, Fnatic, and Cloud9 have their fan club, and the concept is generally the same.

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