Everything we know about Valorant Mobile 

Currently, Valorant is one of the most successful shooters on the gaming market. On its first anniversary, Riot Games... Daria Belous | 18. June 2022

Currently, Valorant is one of the most successful shooters on the gaming market. On its first anniversary, Riot Games claimed that the title is played by approximately 14 million gamers and announced the mobile version of the game.

Switching to the mobile market is not a new trend; almost every grand title now has a mobile version in its franchise. Such examples are PUBG, League of Legends and recently Apex Legends. Moreover, Valorant Mobile is the first 5-vs-5 shooter among distinctive game series to be transferred to mobile. 

Why does Valorant need mobile version?

Such a decision to expand to the mobile market has many premises. Firstly, mobile games are widely popular in Asia because of bad Internet connection in Asian countries, as well as the high prices of PCs and consoles. Secondly, most people on Earth have smartphones at this point, so game developers have more opportunities to expand their audience as a result of mobile accessibility.

According to Anna Donlon, Valorant’s Executive Producer, the primary goal of the Valorant franchise was to “earn the trust and respect of the global FPS community”, which it successfully achieved based on the game’s user count and its popularity on streaming platforms. As such, Riot’s next step is to offer a Valorant experience to even more players around the world. 

Valorant Mobile leaked information

Apart from the confirmation of Valorant Mobile being in development, there’s no information about the exact release date. However, the social media is full of leaks and even gameplay recordings of the game testing in China.

Many sources who share the information about possible Valorant updates showed the screenshots of the in-game interface, which is similar to what we see in the original game. The game has the same style and main menu but is adapted to mobile devices. Apart from weapon shop, testers also hinted at a quick buy feature which allows buying an already prepared gun bundle to speed things up and not waste the time when choosing weapons. 

The controls don’t seem to differ much from other mobile shooters, which will ease the start for players who are already familiar with such games. Moreover, players can customize the HUDs and replace controls as they want. 

Valorant Mobile agents roster

Based on leaked footage, available characters, for now, are Phoenix, Killjoy, Reyna, Jett, Breach, Sova and Skye. We should note that the game’s roster doesn’t look the same as on the PC launch — such characters as Omen, Sage and Viper are lacking. However there’s no proof that this is the final version of the Valorant Mobile agents roster for Season 1, so maybe the developers will expand the squad before the official release. 

There’s no exact date of beta entry, however, users discovered that when the testing starts, players will be able to send invites to friends. Or Riot Games will change the system to regular testing with sign-ups available to everyone. 


While there’s no precise timeline for beta or even official launch, the development of Valorant Mobile seems to be in full swing as there are many job openings for the project at the moment, including positions of Valorant Mobile Brand Manager and Game Designer. Hopefully, soon we will be able to share more details about the upcoming title.

Image credit: Riot Games