Daria Belous | 7. July 2022

Everything we know about FNCS Season 3

The qualifiers for Fortnite Championship Series Season 3 are in full swing, with players competing to enter the competition and fight for massive prize pools in seven regions. Such strong Fortnite rivalry can’t be missed, thus Fragster gathered all important information about the schedule, format and rewards for viewers. 

Schedule and format 

The third season of FNCS is scheduled to run across July-August 2022, featuring four qualifiers, semi-final and grand final. The format remains the same compared to previous competitions — each team features two players. Duos earn points in each stage based on their placement and elimination of other competitors. 

The top teams on the leaderboard will proceed directly to the final stage, where they will fight for money distributed based on their performances. Meanwhile, others who passed will need to compete in the semi-finals. 

Here’s the schedule for the upcoming FNCS Season 3 events:

  • Qualifier 1: July 8-10;
  • Qualifier 2: July 11, 13-15;
  • Qualifier 3: July 16-17;
  • Semi-Finals: July 22-24;
  • Finals: August 13-14.

To become this season’s FNCS Champions, duos will need to achieve Match Point (475 total points and three Victory Royales) or earn the biggest amount of points in all 12 matches. If no one achieves Match Point till the 12th match, the duo who earned the most points will be crowned a winner. 

The shared prize pool for FNCS Seasons 3 comprises $3,000,000 and will be distributed among all regions as follows: 

  • Europe: $1,350,000
  • NA East: $690,000
  • NA West: $240,000
  • Asia: $240,000
  • Oceania: $120,000
  • Middle East: $120,000
  • Brazil: $240,000

FNCS rewards for viewers

Fortnite fans can both enjoy the competition and get rewards for themselves. By watching the official broadcasts, viewers can earn various collectible in-game items, including Seeker’s Strike Loading Screen, King and Champion Spray, Peaceful Emoji, and the Champion’s Honor Backbling. The rewards will be distributed via Twitch Drops system.

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To earn the collectibles, players need to watch official broadcasts on the Fortnite website via an account connected to Epic Games Store. The other option is to watch the FNCS broadcasts on select Twitch channels that stream FNCS or Fortnite and has a “Drops Enabled” tag. 

After watching the competition for a certain amount of time, which is usually at least one hour, Twitch will send a notification that will let the user claim a reward and add it to a connected Fortnite account. The rewards will change with every cycle of the championship, so to collect all of the unique rewards, viewers will need to watch each stage of the tournament. 

Images credit: Fortnite, Epic Games