European Masters Summer 2022 play-in stage results

Vitality Bee went undefeated, KRC Genk qualified as the Benelux representative on the main stage, and Bisons let down... Scott Kostov | 27. August 2022

Vitality Bee went undefeated, KRC Genk qualified as the Benelux representative on the main stage, and Bisons let down the LVP.

After more than 50 games were played in less than three days, the Amazon EU Masters Play-In stage has been completed. Best-of-one series can often portray a wrong picture, but this was the last chance many of these teams had. 

EU Masters Play-In Stage results

Group A

The second seed from the Greek league, Anorthosis Famagusta Esports, came out of the gates firing. Dropping only a single game against JDXL en route to claiming the first seed in this wide-open group. KRC Gent joins them on the main stage, being the only Benelux team representing the region.  

Group B

Vitality Bee went undefeated in the Play-In stage, going 6-0 behind the efforts of their LEC caliber roster. They are one of the favorites for the entire tournament, despite being held back by their performances against domestic opponents. Two teams from Portugal also qualified for the main stage event, with one of them being team For The Win in group B.

Group C

The beauty of best-of-ones comes in the form of upsets, and that’s exactly what LVP representatives, Bisons Eclub, experienced. The second Portuguese team to qualify, White Dragons, proved to be a worthy competition. Taking a game of Gameward, who were the favorites and secured the first seed, was enough to claim the second seed. Bisons failed to do the same and lost in the decider game against White Dragons.

Group D

The competition in this group was as close as it could be, but SK Prime managed to secure the first seed. Only losing a single game against the fourth-placed Team Phantasma. The second seed went to eSuba, who secured it by winning a tiebreaker match against aNc Outplayed. Both teams finished with a 3-3 record but the Chech team managed to prevail.

EU Masters Main Stage preview

Group A is geared up to be a bloodbath, with the undefeated Vitality Bee slotting in alongside Giants and Unicorns of Love. All three teams are filled with LEC and EU Masters veterans, capable of delivering massive performances under immense pressure. 

This description is fitting for Group C as well, which will host powerhouse teams like BDS Academy, Team Heretics, and SK Prime. A lot of the players in this group will be on LEC teams next year at some point, after displaying their immense talent throughout this year.

Group B is as wide open as it can get, with no team standing out among the others apart from LDLC. They won the French league, looking like a well-oiled machine in the LFL playoffs. The second spot is up for grabs, with AGO Rogue being a small favorite for it. But the Greek team Anorthosis surprised everyone in the Play-In stage and will look to leave a bigger mark on the tournament. Gameward should look to cruise through group D, considering they have the most talented roster in this group.

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