EU Masters Summer 2022 preview, format, storylines

We are less than 24 hours away from the start of the tenth edition of the Amazon European Masters... Scott Kostov | 23. August 2022

We are less than 24 hours away from the start of the tenth edition of the Amazon European Masters 2022 Summer League of Legends tournament.

This circuit was built to be the highest level of tier two League competition in Europe and a successor of the Challenger Series (now LEC). In it participate 16 teams from the 11 highest-rated League of Legends European Regional Leagues (ERL). Apart from fighting for regional pride, this event also serves as a springboard for Europe’s hottest young talent.

EU Masters Format

The event is split into two stages — the Play-In stage and the Main Event. A total of 16 teams participate in both stages, with the top four from Play-Ins joining the 12 previously qualified teams. Those teams will be slotted into four groups, playing other teams in their group twice in a best-of-one series, with the top two teams from each group advancing to the knockout phase. The knockout phase matches in both stages will be single-elimination best-of-five series until the king of Europe is crowned on September 25 in the Grand Finals. 

Play-In Stage

JDXL dodged a bullet by placing into a weak group A, fueling hopes for a third NLC team in the Main Event. Advancing should be easy but they still need to take care of business in their group versus the second seeds from Greece and the Balkans.

Vitality Bee seem to be the favorite for the top spot in group B with the second seed being up for grabs. All eyes will be on group C where powerhouse teams like Gameward and Bisons Eclub will match up.

Filled with brimming young talent, some of whom already have LEC experience, these games will highlight the first two days of the competition. SK Prime is a heavy favorite in Group D, but the main focus will be on the Greek, Benelux, and Balkan teams fighting to represent their region with limited spots in the Main Event. 

Main Event

Whatever happens in the Play-In stage should only be a warmup for the fierce competition awaiting us in the Main Event. With big-name teams like Karmine Corp, who won the previous two EU Masters, missing from this edition of the competition we can expect a lot of new contenders to rise.

Currently, Spanish representatives Team Heretics and Giants look to have the best odds. Filled with LEC veterans and hopefuls, they will try to take the crown from French teams. BDS Academy got on a hot streak after making roster moves heading into the LFL playoffs, but they still have a step to take before contending with Europe’s top dogs. Unicorns of Love and Schalke are the German teams who join AGO Rogue from the Polish Ultraliga, as the top candidates to upset the competition.

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