Fragster | 21. July 2022

EU Apex Cash Cup postponed due to ongoing heatwaves

A devastating heat wave has put the weekly Apex tournament Cash Cup on hold, causing the event to be postponed until the weather cools down again.

Traditional sports events in the UK have already been cancelled or shortened in order to protect players from the dangerous heatwave that is currently sweeping the Old Continent. Now, the esports tournament organizer Hyperluxe has followed suit and has postponed a planned Apex Legends tournament for European players for the time being.

Heatwaves plague Europe

Hyperluxe released a statement about the postponement on Twitter. “Due to the unbearable temperatures in the UK, we will be postponing today’s event until all participants are able to play in peace,” said Hyperluxe. “The health and safety of our participants is our top priority.”

Whilst one might think most players would be reasonably sheltered from the extreme heat in their living room or bedroom, air conditioning is scarce in the UK as buildings were not built for this kind of weather. Therefore, many people suffer from heat which can cause health issues such as heat stroke, sunstroke or simply states of exhaustion, concentration problems or headaches. And above all, concentration must not be missing in an important match.

Participants should be protected

The organizer has decided to postpone the event after reaching out to staff in the UK. Since the weather is already unbearably hot and humid, a PC setup in a room can act like an undesired heater. The Hyperluxe spokesman confirmed that competitors would be unlikely to have access to air conditioning, as it is simply not that common in the UK, as the country is less experienced with extreme heat.

Even under normal conditions, rooms, where game PC’s or consoles are placed, can get uncomfortably hot and devices could also eventually overheat, which in turn could be dangerous for gamers as well. It could get really bad this week because the thermometer is slowly but steadily climbing up to the 40-degree mark.

Event postponed

Relatively new to the Apex Legends scene, Hyperluxe is an esports tournament platform based in North America on its way to expanding into the EU. Its weekly competition has been postponed to July 24 “in the hope that all participants can do their best in a comfortable and safe environment”.

It’s still supposed to be very hot on July 24, but maybe some players can better prepare themselves with fans or small air conditioners to cool down until then. If the heat wave is still so extreme by then, it is possible that the event will be delayed again.

Header: Hyperluxe