ESPORTS: Blacklist International signs up Doujin for their Tekken return, picks up TFT squad from Vietnam

Blacklist International announced two major esports team moves as it expands to other esports ahead of the Esports World... Paolo | 6. June 2024

Blacklist International announced two major esports team moves as it expands to other esports ahead of the Esports World Cup.

First off, the team announced its return to the Tekken space through the hiring of Andreij “Doujin” Albar, who last competed for PlayBook Esports in February.

Doujin has recently made notable strides in his Tekken 8 career. In 2024, he participated in several high-profile tournaments, showcasing his exceptional skills. At the DreamHack Dallas 2024, Doujin finished in the 33rd to 48th place, competing against formidable opponents like KEISUKE. 

Doujin’s Tekken 7 career in 2023 and 2022 also reflects his consistent performance and dedication. In 2023, he participated in major events such as the Thaiger Uppercut, JEMPUTAN TEKKEN 7 CHALLENGE, and the Evolution Championship Series, securing placements ranging from 7th to 48th. Notably, he finished 7th to 8th at the Evolution Championship Series 2023, earning $375 despite a tough match against Anakin. His 2022 performances included appearances at the IESF World Esports Championships and REV Major, where he consistently placed in the top brackets, including a notable bout against Pakistan’s Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique. Doujin’s results over these two years underscore his resilience and skill, solidifying his reputation as a formidable Tekken competitor on the global stage.

“I am proud to share that I am now part of this awesome team. Let’s strive for the best,” Doujin simply said on X about his hiring under Blacklist International.

Doujin marks a return for the Codebreakers to Tekken, after a short stint by Korean Tekken player Jeong “Rangchu” Hyeon-ho between 2020 and 2021.

Meanwhile, Blacklist International had also announced they will be entering Teamfight Tactics by hiring a Vietnam-based team.

The team’s TFT squad is composed of Kien “YBY1” Tuan Bui, Anh “p1va” Viet Luong Pham, Lê “Lê Chuyên” Văn Chuyên, and Phan “NCC1” Thanh Quang.

This is the organization’s first foray into Teamfight Tactics, which will be part of the 2024 Esports World Cup.

Blacklist International is one of 30 teams selected for the Esports World Cup Club Support Program, which gives teams a one-time six-figure stipend if an organization is willing to enter new esports as well as additional funding each year if they drive viewership and fan engagement to the Esports World Cup. They are also the only Philippines-based organization that got access to the said club support program.

“The Club Support Program is critical to the EWC Foundation’s vision of building a stronger esports ecosystem and elevating esports as global sports,” Esports World Cup foundation CEO Ralf Reichert earlier said.

Blacklist International has yet to announce the competitive schedules for its Tekken 8 and Teamfight Tactics teams.