Esports Award to launch the Mobile Awards

The Esports Awards announced a few days ago a ceremony that will be in charge of awarding that esports... Eduardo | 18. December 2022

The Esports Awards announced a few days ago a ceremony that will be in charge of awarding that esports played on mobile devices called THE MOBIES: The Mobile Awards.

The main objective of this ceremony is to maintain excellence in the mobile esports industry and attract as many players as possible in the coming years.


The announcement states that this event will be held, like the rest of the award ceremonies, annually starting in 2023. With this, the organizers seek to celebrate and recognize the performance and innovation of top-tier mobile video games.

To kick off this incredible launch, the organizers ask the community to vote in different polls on which categories they would like to see recognized at this event.

Esports Awards and The Mobies go hand in hand

As you might expect, this ceremony will be organized by the Esports Awards, an annual celebration that 2023 will celebrate ten years since its first edition.

As we mentioned in a previous article, the Esports Awards had an increase in the audience concerning the 2021 edition of 18 million viewers, so we cannot deny that it was a resounding success in 2022.

The Mobile Awards are a fantastic initiative by Esports Awards, intending to give more than deserved recognition to the industry developing mobile video games.

In addition, this announcement was celebrated by different personalities, players, and teams of mobile esports.

Who is in charge of the Mobile Awards?

At the forefront of this announcement and the celebration of this event is the founder and CEO of Woot, Matt “MobileMatt” Rutledge, a veteran in mobile esports.

Rutledge comes from being the director of mobile games of the famous North American team Complexity Gaming, a top-rated and veteran team in the esports scene.

Objectives of the ceremony

As we have mentioned, the main objective of this new ceremony to be held in 2023 is to promote, recognize and support the industries responsible for developing great mobile esports.

During each year, The Mobies will not only recognize and award the companies that create video games but also players, teams, media, games, events, and personalities within the industry.

This will only be the beginning, as it is expected to cover every corner of the mobile industry in the future, just like the Esports Awards.

In addition to recognizing excellence in the industry, The Mobies also promises to help promote the mobile gaming industry and increase its visibility worldwide.

Official statements

Matt Rutledge stated:

“I am absolutely thrilled to be spearheading such an innovative and important project. The mobile industry is ever growing and touches so many people worldwide.”

“The Mobies will serve as a ground zero for lifting talented individuals, organizations, and initiatives in the mobile industry. Watch this space for more exciting announcements in the coming months.”

On the other hand, Mike Ashford, the current executive director of the Esports Awards, noted that:

“This project will give the rapidly growing mobile industry its voice in the awards arena. We are delighted that this project is getting off the ground and look forward to showcasing the wide variety of talent next year at the inaugural Mobies in 2023.”

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