ESL One Cologne EU: Vitality & Heroic To Semis

The first half of the Quarter Finals matchups has been played out. Sprout went up against Vitality and Complexity... Fabio | 28. August 2020

The first half of the Quarter Finals matchups has been played out. Sprout went up against Vitality and Complexity dueled with the Danes of Heroic. In both matchups, decisive winners emerged to claim the Semi Finals spots.


After a convicing Group Stage, the Danes entered into the playoffs of ESL One Cologne. Complexity had booked their ticket in a one-sided victory over Natus Vincere and appeared to be in top form. However, the same held true for Heroic.

On Inferno, they were immediately able to secure 5 rounds for themselves. Even when Complexity slowly clawed their way back into the match, the 6-9 half didn’t look all too convincing for them. Despite the star peformance of Owen “oBo” Schlatter, they couldn’t break the defense of Heroic and conceded the map on an 11-16 scoreline. Casper “cadiaN” Møller led the team not just as an in-game-leader, but also in the kills, AWP kills, and entry kills departments.

Following such a display, one could almost forgive his weaker performance on the second map. In his place, Johannes “b0RUP” Borup took over as the top fragger. Benjamin “blameF” did his best to keep Complexity’s tournament dreams alive, but Heroic soon led 15-7. While they did manage to mount a strong comeback, Complexity eventually faltered just before the finishing line. Even though the Heroic players were the weaker team on the stats board, they still managed to secure the map on a 16-13 scoreline.


The Frenchmen were hot on the heels of a narrow victory over FaZe Clan. In Sprout, they had found an opponent that had delivered amazing results against BIG and OG during the Group Stage. The Germans had in fact performed so well that a win over Vitality didn’t seem all that ridiculous.

That is, until Mathieu “ZywOo” and co. entered the server. They quickly jumped onto a 12-3 lead on the T side of Vertigo, and 7 rounds later, the map was already done and dusted. On Nuke, Sprout improved with 5 rounds in the first half, but as Vitality went for duels on their T side, the Germans were quickly were blasted off the server.

Business as usual for ZywOo. The player once again topped the scoreboard. He always manages to deliver against all sorts of teams, this time locking in 52 kills and a 1.66 rating in his engagement with Sprout.


The two teams are now patiently waiting for the Semi Finals to fill up. Astralis still have to take on the Ninjas in Pyjamas and OG are bound to test their strength against G2 Esports in the Quarters. Should Astralis mantain their Group Stage level, we will likely see them match up with Vitality soon. G2 have been performing so well that a win over OG seems highly likely, making for a Semi Finals pairing with Heroic.