ESL reveals its 2023 plans for ESL Impact

ESL Impact is a CS:GO league for women. Season 2 of this league is going to be played between... Radu M. | 23. November 2022

ESL Impact is a CS:GO league for women. Season 2 of this league is going to be played between November 25-27 in Sweden. Its prize pool will be $123.000, which is not bad at all. A total of eight teams will compete in the tournament and the winner will get $50.000.

ESL has announced big plans for 2023 and the desire to continue this initiative, which gives women a real chance to play professional CS:GO and show their prowess.

In traditional sports like tennis, women compete with great success at the most prestigious events and draw a lot of spectators. There’s no reason why women shouldn’t be able to find at least a few niches for themselves in esports, and ESL seems determined to make it happen.

ESL Impact’s plans for 2023

In 2023, ESL will continue to hold ESL Impact events throughout the year. In total, $370.000 will be offered in prize money at these tournaments. If we also take into account the one that’s about to take place this year, the total amount is $500.000.

It’s still peanuts compared to the men’s pro circuit, but it’s a great initiative that may result in the long-term growth of CS:GO. Initiatives like this one encourage esports organizations to create female teams and support them.

ESL Impact will include a total of 20 Cash Cups, two Leagues, and one stand-alone LAN event. So far, Nigma Galaxy has had the strongest female team in CS:GO. But other organizations are trying hard to compete with them.

In particular, some Brazilian teams, such as FURIA Female, were not that far from beating them in the Grand Final of ESL Impact League Season 1. The same team then challenged them at ESL Impact Valencia 2022, but lost again. The third opportunity might arise at ESL Impact League Season 2.

In 2023, ESL’s plans include a lot of action for the months of February, March, April, June, September, October, and December. The only problem is that each time, the event will last for just several days. But that’s still something that should make women in CS:GO optimistic for the future. Things are moving in the right direction.

The most important ESL Impact events for 2023 will take place between February 10-12, June 2-4, and December 15-17. The first of these tournaments will be part of IEM Katowice 2023. The second one is called ESL Impact League Season 3 Global Finals Dallas. And the third is ESL Impact League Season 4 Global Finals Hanover.

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