Henrieta Hyrliková | 26. May 2022

ESIC lifts peacemaker’s suspension

Imperial Esports Head Coach Luis “⁠peacemaker⁠” Tadeu revealed that his provisional suspension by The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has been lifted and he will be able to continue with his career in CS:GO. 

The decision has been made after the Brazilian coach missed the recently concluded PGL Major Antwerp 2022. 

In the official statement posted by peacemaker today on Twitter, he said that the decision was made by ESIC’s Integrity Commissioner Ian Smith, who supposedly accepted the arguments provided. ESIC’s official statement confirming the decision is expected to come out soon. 

In his statement, peacemaker referred to this outcome as the “biggest victory” of his career and expressed understanding and approval of ESIC’s procedures. He also commented on missing the Major in Antwerp:  

“As much as missing the Major was extremely painful, while not being present I provided all the support my team needed and tried to help as much as possible, especially with preparations for our matches, this ended up giving me extra time to rest and recover health-wise and I hope to be back on competing as soon as possible.”

Spectator bug charges

Peacemaker was suspended by ESIC earlier in May for using the more serious version of the CS:GO spectator bug called the “free-roam” bug. According to ESIC’s former charges, peacemaker was alleged to use the bug in 2018 when coaching Heroic. 

Along with peacemaker, two other coaches were suspended for using the spectator bug, namely 9z coach Rafael “zakk” Fernandes and Team Spirit coach Sergey “hally” Shavayev. However, unlike peacemaker, both of them were suspnded for the use of the “static” spectator bug, which is considered the less serious one and therefore punished with less serious sanctions. 

Based on ESIC’s report, Hally used the bug in 2019 when coaching Espada, while Zakk used it supposedly twice — once with LG in 2018 and once with 9z in 2020. At the time of writing, the length of the suspension for the coaches has not been revealed. 

ESIC described three variants of the bug in its report, with the static-view version being the most common. The second, free-roam version, which enables users to fly around the map with complete control of the user, is said to be comparable with the benefits of cheats such as map or wallhack. According to ESIC, three coaches were affected by this bug. 

The third, “third-person” version of the spectator bug is deemed by ESIC as the least serious one and with “a relatively low risk to competitive integrity”, since it wasn’t induced by affected participants. 

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