Epic remove Trios from Fortnite

Epic Games has decided to vault Fortnite’s Trios from Battle Royale and Zero Build modes to make room for... Shubh | 18. May 2023

Epic Games has decided to vault Fortnite’s Trios from Battle Royale and Zero Build modes to make room for the new Ranked mode.

Fortnite took the bold decision to permanently remove the Trios lobbies from the Battle Royale and Zero Build modes to level the playing field for competitive play and balance the chances for both seasoned players and beginners. The news comes after the massive v24.40 update, which not only added Ranked mode but also made the first significant change to Fortnite’s lobby system since the addition of Trios in 2019. 

Although Epic intends that the changes will improve the overall experience, most players—including seasoned players—seem to be against the decision. Several players have voiced their displeasure with the decision, with many worrying that having to team up with a random player will degrade the quality of their games. Players aren’t sure what to do next—leave someone behind and enter duo matches, play squads with a team of three, or play with a fourth person at random. 

Although Epic Games has not stated why it is vaulting Trios, it is likely to make place for Ranked Play. Also, it’s widely assumed that Trios Mode’s bigger team sizes may have contributed to longer queue times, which Epic Games strives to keep to a minimum for the best possible gameplay experience. 

Will Trios ever make a return in Fortnite?

Trios were first made available as a Fortnite LTM (limited-time mode), and after some success, it was added as a permanent feature of the game during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 in December 2020. Trio mode instantly grabbed the attention of every Fortnite player, and due to its great success in the competitive scene, it quickly took over as the default mode for cash cups and competitions.

After about two and a half years of being a constant component in the game, Trios bids farewell to Fortnite as Epic switches its attention to offering equal opportunities for both amateur and professional players.

There is a possibility that Fortnite’s Trios Mode might return in the future, though, the chances are slim. If something is vaulted in Fortnite, it often means that it is being taken temporarily to put back a more refined version of it.

This has been the case for many features and weaponry, even seasonal ones that have previously made a comeback. In the meantime, players can disable the autofill feature to enter the match with their three-player squad. The squad could be at a disadvantage without the fourth player, but players can still play the game in a trios arrangement with their friends.

Header: Epic Games