Epic Games Announces “The Last Laugh” Bundle

American developer Epic Games has announced that “The Last Laugh” bundle will be released in November, which features many... Jamie | 17. August 2020

American developer Epic Games has announced that “The Last Laugh” bundle will be released in November, which features many of the leading most popular DC villains. Costing around $30 to purchase, the bundle appeared on the Fortnite website, which includes skins of both The Joker and Poison Ivy.

While additional information is still to be confirmed, it is believed that the bundle will come with 1,000 V-Bucks, 3x rear Blings (Midas Crest, Rear Bloom and Laugh Riot), 4x Pickaxes (The Joker’s Revenge, Ivy Axe, Kingmaker and Bad Friday), along with a select A Card Contrail.

When is the Bundle Available for Purchase?

The Last Laugh bundle will be available to purchase on PlayStation 4, xBox One or Nintendo Switch on November 17, with gamers having the choice to but it digitally or in person. With a November release date also being predicted for the PlayStation 5, as well as potentially the xBox Series X, the timing of the new bundle could well fit in nicely with this.

Mobile and PC players may have to wait for additional information surrounding the bundle however, with Epic Games having announced that they are still working on just how such gamers will be able to by The Last Laugh bundle for their device.

However, with Apple having recently removed the popular Battle Royale game from the App Store, a decision made due to Epic Games having violated its terms and conditions when they added an in-app payment system, it remains to be seen what exactly will happen here. Those who already had the Fortnite app downloaded are unlikely to be effected, while those who have previously downloaded the platform may also be OK.

What Else Can Be Found on The Last Laugh Bundle?

Epic Games have launched skins from a host of major franchises over recent times, including the bonus skin from Aquaman, another of the leading names from DC. Meanwhile, the likes of Batman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Black Manta all have their own Fortnite Skins, with The Joker and Poison Ivy finally joining this list. On top of this, those who purchase The Last Laugh bundle will find a Midas Rex Skin included, however it remains to be seen exactly what the relevance is here. All in all, The Last Laugh bundle is expected to contain the following:

All the cosmetics that will be available in the Last Laugh bundle can be seen below.

  • The Joker Skin
  • Poison Ivy Skin
  • Midas Rex Skin
  • Laugh Riot Back Bling
  • Back Bloom Back Bling
  • Midas Crest Back Bling
  • Bad Joke Pickaxe
  • The Joker’s Revenge Pickaxe
  • Ivy Axe Pickaxe
  • Kingmaker Pickaxe
  • Pick a Card Contrail
  • 1,000 V-Bucks