Epic Games announces Fortnite Collegiate Cups 

Epic Games has recently announced the return of its Fortnite collegiate competition in a form of monthly Fortnite Collegiate... Fragster | 19. July 2022

Epic Games has recently announced the return of its Fortnite collegiate competition in a form of monthly Fortnite Collegiate Cups. This is great news for all US and Canadian college gamers who look to play Fortnite on a more competitive level.

This article summarizes all the details, including the format and the official schedule for the fall season of the Fortnite Collegiate Cup for students in the US and Canada. 

Fortnite Collegiate Cups Fall season schedule

The fall season of the collegiate Fortnite series is just around the corner and Epic has already published the official dates of the series on its website.

Here is the official schedule and corresponding game modes:

  • September 7: Trios Zero Build
  • September 8: Solo Battle Royale
  • October 5: Trios Zero Build
  • October 6: Solo Battle Royale
  • November 2: Trios Zero Build
  • November 3: Solo-Battle Royale

Each of the events will see players competing for cash prizes. Moreover, every participant will also receive an exclusive Fortnite in-game cosmetic item.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this Fortnite collegiate series are the different game modes, as college players will have the option to play Fortnite solo and in trios. Not the best builder? That is also not a problem, because there will even be a few Zero Build events. 

Fortnite for students

Fortnite for high school and college students seems to be on the rise, with events like the Nick Eh 30 Collegiate Invitational back in June garnering quite a lot of attention. Moreover, the top three players (Benk_live, RottenTwinkies, and Pfluger) from the TimTheTatman’s Hoedown $100 Zero Build Tournament, which took place on July 17, were all college students.

Such an event is a good opportunity for colleges and universities to discover and possibly promote talented players. The players, in turn, have a chance to compete with each other and experience their first small esports tournament, despite the pressure being not too great and the focus being on fun and enjoyment.

To offer college players a unique and fun competitive semester, Fortnite has partnered with the College Carball Association (CCA) which will take care of managing tournament operations and the registration process.

Furthermore, Epic Games also plans to provide more opportunities for students throughout the Fall season of Fortnite Collegiate Cups. This includes competitive scrims, as well as third-party tournaments and school-hosted competitions.

If you are a student from the US or Canada and are interested in signing up for the fall season, register at fn.gg/ScholasticRegistration by September 1, 2022.

Header: Epic Games