Radu M. | 18. September 2022

Entity win the WEU Qualifier for TI11

It seems that a lot of people have underestimated Entity. During this regional qualifier for The International 2022, they proved to be much stronger than anyone else in Western Europe and their matches were very exciting to watch.

Some teams just win off the back of a small mistake made by the enemy, or a lucky moment where something just happens to go in their favor. But Entity won with pure skill and dominated their opponents from start to finish. Each game was a new demonstration of strength.

Entity played four matches in the tournament and didn’t lose a single game. So their score was actually 9 W – 0 L. At this competitive level, that is very hard to achieve. Dota 2 is such a complex game that no matter how hard you try, someone is going to find a way to win against you with some tricky strategy. But Entity proved to be too strong.

WEU Qualifier results and lessons

Unfortunately for a lot of fans, Nigma Galaxy will not compete at this year’s edition of The International. Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi and his crew got eliminated in the lower bracket by Team Secret and didn’t even finish in the top three.

Hopefully, Kuro will not give up on Dota 2 just yet. But to have a chance at the 2023 TI, he’ll need to either make some roster changes or figure out the reason why his once formidable team is now so weak compared to the top competitors in Europe.

One thing we learned during this qualifier is that Team Secret are very strong, even though they’re considerably weaker than Entity. Right now, Entity seem fully capable of winning The International, while Team Secret seem capable of winning the Last Chance Qualifier. If they do qualify for TI11, they’ll probably finish around seventh-eight.

Clement “Puppey” Ivanov’s teammates are clearly working well together and they’re not that far away from where they need to be. And with three more weeks of training before the start of the Last Chance Qualifier, perhaps they can improve enough to guarantee themselves a good result.

The third place was won by Team Liquid, who lost the lower bracket final against Secret. The score was 2-1 and both teams looked roughly equal in strength.

The best heroes of the tournament were Morphling, Death Prophet, Shadow Fiend, Marci, Slark, Tusk, and Enigma. Some of them are likely to get nerfed soon as a result of what happened during the regional qualifiers.

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