eFuse’s Women of the eRena Fortnite event was a sucess

eFuse hosted another successful women’s Fortnite event for the International Women’s Day, which featured a prize pool of $75,000.... Fragster | 9. March 2023

eFuse hosted another successful women’s Fortnite event for the International Women’s Day, which featured a prize pool of $75,000. The champion of the event has become Fortnite content creator Sommerset. 

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and of course, with that, all eyes turned to women in esports as well. The day was celebrated, among other things, with a Fortnite tournament with $75,000 in prize money (for Women’s Day, of course, only for the ladies of esports).

To celebrate International Women’s Day, eFuse hosted another “Women of the eRena Fortnite Event.” In the event, 50 women participated in duos, competing for the juicy prize money.

Women of the eRena is a great success

The women-only tournament was announced just a little over a week ago, but it directly generated plenty of attention and women from all over the world got ready to participate in the tournament and deliver plenty of action to the audience.

The tournament consisted of all kinds of international participants, including mostly women from North America, but various other regions were represented as well.

The format of this tournament was nothing like what you’re used to in a Fortnite event. The first three games were Zero Build and then the last three were the normal Battle Royale. This new format made for more excitement and more varied gameplay and allowed players to show off their greatest strengths in the game.


The duo of Sommerset wins everything with 3 Victory Royales

The event ended with a very intense clutch by Vanessuh and Sommerset. The two players had already managed two Victory Royales at the start of the tournament, and it definitely drew attention that they walked away with multiple wins.

The tournament was a great way for the women in the Fortnite scene to compete, but also to make new contacts and network. “My favorite part is definitely meeting all the new ladies, making friends with them and practicing for weeks beforehand,” Laviishlily said in an interview with eFuse.

The year has just begun, which means we should expect more big women’s Fortnite events throughout 2023, where women can compete again.

Organizations announce women’s teams on International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day, however, there were multiple exciting announcements in other titles. To name a few, G2 announced that they have signed their first female CS:GO team, Guild Esports too has entered CS:GO with women’s CS:GO squad, while FaZe Clan revealed its first women’s team to compete in VALORANT.

Header: eFuse