Jamie | 25. August 2020

EA Sports Announce Release Date for FIFA 21 Demo

In what is always an exciting time for fans of the game, developers EA Sports has announced that the demo for FIFA 21 will be released worldwide on Friday 25th September. In what will be the first opportunity for the vast majority to play the game, Xbox, PS4 and PC users will all be available to download the demo.

Just a select few lucky gamers have so far been able to get their hands on FIFA 21 during the closed beta phase, the release of the demo will see millions get involved. With new features and game updates to look forward to, along with the return of popular modes, those downloading the demo will be able to test their skills with teams such as Liverpool, Real Madrid, Chelsea and recent Champions League finalists Paris Saint-Germain, if last year’s demo is anything to go by. One or two changes may be made in this area, however players can look forward to similar playable team line-ups and game modes as found on previous demos.

Assumptions have already been made that 3pm GMT will be the exact time of release for the demo, which is again based on how EA Sports operated surrounding the launch of FIFA 20. Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and Career Mode all return this time around, while the additional of Volta Football has caused even more anticipation.

What is the Official Release Date for FIFA 21?

A release date for the demo would certainly go along with the actions of EA Sports in the past, with the full FIFA 21 game expected to drop some two weeks later, around October 9. However, some players will be able to kick-start their campaigns earlier than this. For example, those purchasing the FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition or Champions Edition on ether Xbox, PlayStation 4 or PC gaining access from October 6.

A number of FIFA Esports events are still taking place using the 20 version of the game, including the ePremier League, where Tekkz is looking to retain his title, having already won the FIFA 20 eChampions League Invitational following an unbeaten run in the competition.