EA Confirm Cancellation of FIFA 21 Demo

In what will be a blow to many fans, EA has confirmed that they will not be releasing a... Pablo | 24. September 2020

In what will be a blow to many fans, EA has confirmed that they will not be releasing a FIFA 21 demo, in what is a change to their usual release timeline. A small proportion of players were given an opportunity to play FIFA 21 during the games beta phase, however with this having closed in August, the demo was due to be the first chance for others to try it for the first time.

The release date for FIFA 21 remains October 9, 2020, however those who pre-order the Ultimate Edition or Champions Edition on either PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC will be able to ger their hands on the game on October 6. Meanwhile, EA Play subscribers will still be able to play the game for a total of 10 hours from October 1. The FIFA demo is always big news in the gaming industry, however casual players will not have an opportunity to get a taste of the new version this year.

How EA Broke the News to Fans

EA made the announcement regarding the cancellation official on its Twitter page, stating the following: “We are not releasing a demo for FIFA 21. Instead we have decided to focus our development team’s time on providing the best full game experience for current & next-gen consoles.”

Why the FIFA Demo is So Highly Anticipated

The FIFA 21 demo had been rumoured to be released on Tuesday 22 September, however EA has taken the unpredicted step to cancel it altogether. The FIFA demo normally offers a chance for gamers to play 11v11 kick-off and Volta Football game modes, with teams including Paris Saint Germain, Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool having featured last year.

The fact that players must now wait until the games official release will certainly be something new for many, however there is now not long to wait until that day arrives. EA completed their statement by saying: “We look forward to EA PLAY members jumping in 10 days from now and launching the game Oct 9.”