Fragster | 4. October 2022

Drive Rocket League’s Octane Spawner in Fortnite Creative

If you like both Fortnite and Rocket League, today is your day! The latest Fortnite update brings a Rocket League crossover into the game, providing players with a unique chance to boost their gameplay by driving or flying the popular Octane Spawner in the battle royale’s creative mode.

As of October 4, the update v22.10 is live, meaning that Fortnite players can now get their hands on Rocket League’s acrobatic vehicle Octane Spawner and soar through their creative maps at supersonic speed. This marks Fortnite’s first vehicle collaboration to date.

All about Octane Spawner in Fortnite 

The Octane Spawner will be fully controllable by players similarly to Rocket League gameplay, including the signature Rocket League mechanics such as wall-driving, boosting, and air rolls. 

The vehicle will be available exclusively in the Fortnite Creative mode and players will have to either add it to their own maps or join the maps that already have it. This can be easily done in your creative inventory by selecting the vehicle and pressing “PLACE NOW” in order to add it to the map. To recharge Octane’s Boost Meter, players can use the Rocket Boost device. 

Thanks to the fact that Octane will be available in Fortnite Creative mode, players will be able to create their own Rocket League-like stadiums and custom race tracks. The community is even joking that this will allow players to create their own version of Rocket League without actually needing the original game. 


Octane Spawner in Fortnite. Credit: @iFireMonkey / Twitter

Other additions

Besides the Rocket League crossover, the new Fortnite update also introduces a couple of other additions to the game, including the Block Secondary Action for melee weapons, the Cobra DMR from Battle Royale, the Rocket League Prop Gallery and Musician Prop Gallery, as well as a new island template. Furthermore, the developers also released some updates and bug fixes for devices, Prefabs, and Galleries.

More Fortnite crossovers with Rocket League? 

While it is yet to be seen whether we can expect more Fortnite and Rocket League collaborations in the future, fans of both games are clearly excited to see the first one and hope it won’t be the last one. 

It seems that Epic Games has decided to support the Rocket League fans in Fortnite and please those players who have been creating Rocket League-inspired maps and modes by giving them even more tools to do so. Based on that, as well as the fact that the developer has been expanding its reach by acquiring more game titles, future collaborations and crossovers between Epic-owned games seems even more likely. 

Header: Epic Games