Dr Disrespect launched NFT-based Founders Pass for Midnight Society Game

The twitch streamer jumped on the hype train after multiple celebrities released their “Founder Pass” based on non-fungible tokens... Shubh | 16. March 2022

The twitch streamer jumped on the hype train after multiple celebrities released their “Founder Pass” based on non-fungible tokens to drive fan engagement. The Midnight society received 50k applicants in the first 5 hours.

Dr Disrespect announced in a tweet on March 10th that he had resolved his past legal disputes with Twitch. Despite their court battle ending in a deadlock, Dr Disrespect confirmed that he will no longer be streaming on Twitch.

Later, he shared an early preview of his latest project, the Midnight Protocol, which is rumored to be Dr Disrespect’s very own video game. Several gaming news agencies, however, picked up on the tale and reported that the game will be developed around the metaverse and that early funders will be granted NFTs.

Dr Disrespect, together with former Call of Duty and Halo developers, founded the AAA game firm Midnight Society in December 2021. The AAA studio is a colloquial term in the gaming community that refers to mid-to large-scale publishers.

Call Of Duty creative strategist Robert Bowling joined Midnight society as co-founder and studio head, while Halo 5 multiplayer designer Quinn DelHoyo stepped in as co-founder and creative director of the company. The team has been working on an online PvP game that will use NFTs. They’re creating the game from the ground up with Unreal Engine 5 and the studio just released an “Arena Takeover” teaser on the project.

The Midnight Society has also released its exclusive Founders Pass NFTs as it prepares to set the stage for its upcoming game. According to their website, Founders Passes will cost $50 and holders will get early access to game builds and studio events, and voting rights on game features. Although the holder will get their own Avatar, the pass doesn’t include any pay-to-win perks.

Here are all the exclusive benefits of the Founders Pass:

VisorCortex is a totally owned avatar used in Midnight Society.

Voting rights will let the pass holder cast their votes on features of the game during the development.

Early builds will allow players to play the game “long before the game is playable in the traditional sense.”

Industry Guilds will give access to exclusive guilds that “run all the in-universe manufacturing of weapons, mercenaries, and cosmetics used by Claws in the Midnight Society.”

Additionally. The Founder pass holder will get exclusive access to studio events and Early access to merchandise and future VisorCortex drops. The studio is currently planning to support Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC. Those interested can now apply for a Founders Pass. If you get the approval, you can presumably download and play on these platforms.

Though the approval will be based on a number of factors, including the member’s duration of membership and active participation in the Midnight Society community. In the recent tweet, Dr Disrespect announced that the Midnight society received 50k applicants in the first 5 hours and only 10K will be selected.