Dr Disrespect Announces His Memoirs

A lot of people were wondering what Dr Disrespect was up to during his abrupt and unexpected hiatus from... | 17. August 2020

A lot of people were wondering what Dr Disrespect was up to during his abrupt and unexpected hiatus from streaming on Twitch. As it turns out, he was working on his memoirs, among other things. You’ve read that one correctly. The world’s most popular streamer and entertainer will now be a published author as well.

Kind of a strange combination, but we’ve learned to expect the unexpected from Doc, so this should come as no surprise. The moustached streamer probably has a bevy of entertaining stories to tell — he’s been a part of multiple scandals, after all. Dr Disrespect’s memoirs are called “Violence. Speed. Momentum” and will start shipping on March 31st, 2021. You can even pre-order it at Simon & Schuster!

What’s it About?

The synopsis is promising an in-depth dive into the “biggest star in gaming.” Quite an illustrious title, but it’s not necessarily incorrect. After all, his first stream on YouTube amassed over half a million viewers. If you’re a big fan of Dr Disrespect and want to learn how to “thoroughly dominate life” then this should be an entertaining read. We’re also promised “exclusive, never-before-told” stories from the man himself. Unfortunately, $27 is nothing to scoff at if you want to read it in a physical, hardcover format. Fortunately, there’s an ebook available for half the price.

Still, if you want to learn the reason behind his ban on Twitch, you’ll probably have to look elsewhere. No one wants to talk about that whole debacle, including the Doc himself. At the very least, this is an interesting way of further enlarging his larger-than-life persona. Then again, the written word isn’t exactly the most logical route, seeing how books and gamers often don’t go hand in hand. But if someone could pull it off, it’s probably Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV. With a name like that, no wonder he wound up as a highly successful streamer. Dr Disrespect is obviously an enigma, and hundreds of thousands of fans intend on following his every move.

At 224 pages long, hopefully the memoirs will be as entertaining as the man behind it.