Doublelift suspended from co-streaming LCS

The former League of Legends professional and Twitch streamer Yiliang “Doublefit” Peter Peng revealed that he has been banned... Shubh | 14. July 2022

The former League of Legends professional and Twitch streamer Yiliang “Doublefit” Peter Peng revealed that he has been banned from co-streaming LCK on Twitch. Doublelift shared some criticism about the league and its viewership data which triggered LCS to ban the star AD Carry from its co-streams.

The popular League player Doublefit has been suspended from LCK co-stream, owing to his remark on League of Legends’ popularity. Doublefit also revealed that he would not be able to stream the next LCK weeks because this suspension may not even be lifted soon.

What sparked Doublefit’s suspension?

Earlier this month, Doublelift criticized LCS for the way they handled the Ultimate Crown League event, which featured many well-known streamers and professional league players, including Emily “Emiru” Schun, Hammoudi “Moe” “Yassuo” Abdalrhman, Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani, and Tyler “Tyler1”. 

According to Doublefit, the Ultimate Crown was a fantastic opportunity for League of Legends to attract a new audience, but LCS squandered it by only allowing its players to compete in the event. In addition, he asserted that the LCS restricted Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, a rival in competitive play, from taking part in the competition even though he had previously intended to.

“LCS could not pay Mr. Best enough to insert one of their players into an event that is watched by so many kids – a completely different audience, so many kids, so many impressionable people who would potentially be interested in the game or watching LCS.” Doublelift

The LCS would have benefitted from a commercial point of view, according to Doublelift, if it had permitted its players to compete in Ultimate Crown. Since LCS viewership is down in 2022, allowing popular LCS players like Bjergsen to participate in a content creation event would have made sense. When discussing the declining LCS viewership, Doublefit claimed that League of Legends is dying in North America. As a result, he has been suspended from co-streaming the league’s games

“LCS is dying, the viewership is absolutely dying. There’s no denying it. Everyone knows it. Everyone can feel it.”

Doublelift further revealed that he already received the first strike in his co-stream partnership with Riot because he was watching a video with “some profanity”. While there are already a lot of complexities involved in the League’s strike system for co-streamers, events like this only make it worse. However, the most current viewership data shows that the LCS is drawing fewer viewers than normal, supporting Doublelift’s claims. According to esports viewership data website EsportsCharts, the LCS has experienced a significant decline in average viewership over the past year, with almost 40,000 fewer spectators turning into each show since last year’s Summer Split. Many League supporters defended Doublefit on Twitter, claiming that the company had mistreated him for simply expressing his opinion.

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