Dota 2 – Post TI10 Roster Changes

As always, The International has made a lot of teams unhappy with their current results. Ambition is a hard... Radu M. | 24. October 2021

As always, The International has made a lot of teams unhappy with their current results. Ambition is a hard thing to quench, especially when you’ve been underachieving. So immediately after TI10, Dota 2 organizations around the world have started to announce that some of their players will need to find another team to play for.

Alliance Loses Two Players

Alliance had a decent result at The International 10, all things considered. Finishing 9th – 12th out of 18 in a tournament that features the greatest teams in the world is not bad at all. However, it’s clear that the squad hoped for more. So after two years, Limmp will finally be removed from the roster.

The other player that’s leaving is fng. His skills in the position 5 support aren’t bad, but they’re not sufficient to make Alliance better than most of the other tier 1 teams.

Fnatic Says Goodbye to Deth and ChYuan

Another team that finished 9th – 12th at TI10 and probably hoped for more was Fnatic. Based on its result during the regular season, it’s a miracle that the organization even managed to qualify for the tournament. But the management is clearly not happy with the current strength of their team and wants to upgrade its roster. How exactly? It remains to be seen. But for now, Deth and ChYuan have been removed.

Given that the two players occupied core positions within the roster, the potential for improvement is definitely there. But then again, so is the one for ruin. Let’s not forget that Fnatic already gambled and lost around a year ago, when both iceiceice and Jabz left the org. In the case of Jabz, the separation only lasted for one month. Because the results were so disastrous that the management had to ask him to come back.

Thunder Predator Signs a New Roster

Thunder Predator had a miserable result at The International 10, going 0 W – 16 L in the Group Stage and getting eliminated as a result. So the decision to change the entire roster makes perfect sense. The limitations of the former one have been demonstrated clearly. But what about the new roster?

The new roster is actually the former NoPing e-sports crew. And these guys are really good. In fact, they won the second season of DPC 2021 in South America’s Upper Division, finished 9th – 12th at WePlay AniMajor, and came close to qualifying for The International 10. On first glance, it would appear that Thunder Predator has made the right choice. But we still have to see what the results will be.


Photo credit: Valve