Dota 2 Patch 7.30e Highest Win Rate Heroes

Finally, a few weeks after The International 10, Valve decided to release a new update to tweak some of... Radu M. | 31. October 2021

Finally, a few weeks after The International 10, Valve decided to release a new update to tweak some of the heroes that got abused at this tournament. But despite the nerfs, many of them are still strong. Dota 2 patch 7.30e merely scratched the surface of what should have been done to change the meta and that’s why we continue to have these impressive win rates.

Dota 2 Patch 7.30e Best Heroes

Using the win rate criteria, the best heroes of Dota 2 patch 7.30e are the following:


Enigma has been a great hero for many years now. And Dota 2 patch 7.30e did nothing to change him. His abilities allow him to farm really fast and retreat to the jungle almost immediately if the situation requires. Usually, players like to stay in the offlane with this hero until around level 5, and then move to the jungle.

In the current meta, Enigma is strong because there’s plenty of time to farm. Teams tend to go for greedy carries such as Spectre and do not seek to fight quickly. This gives Enigma players ample time to farm their Blink Dagger and even their BKB.

The hero’s main weakness is his long cooldown. Black Hole has a 200s CD at level 1 and a 160 CD at level 3. This means that if you miss a BH, your team will be vulnerable for almost 3 minutes. In this game, that’s a very long time.

In Dota 2 patch 7.30e, Enigma’s win rate is between 54% and 55%, making the hero one of the best in the game. However, his pick rate is not that high, primarily because it can be uncomfortable to play such a high-risk, high-reward hero. It’s enough to mess up once and your entire team might report you. But if you get one great ultimate, you might get commended.

Wraith King

Wraith King is another high win rate hero in Dota 2 patch 7.30e. Players who pick him win around 54% of the time, which clearly suggests that he has an edge. And indeed, his abilities turn him into a scary carry to play against. To kill him you must kill him twice and between these two lives you need to survive a very unpleasant 5-second slow (75%). During this time, your entire team might get slaughtered.

Wraith King’s abilities are exceptional and give him big advantages in the laning phase and in the late game. Initially, his combination of Mortal Strike and Vampiric Spirit keep him well-healed. While his Wraithfire Blast and Reincarnation turn him into an unpleasant carry to play against.

The biggest weakness of this hero is the long cooldown of his ultimate, at least until you get to level 18. Because at level 3, you only need to wait for 1 minute to get back your Reincarnation. But at level 1, it takes 200s. It’s a bit strange to see that the later the game goes and the stronger the hero becomes, the less you need to wait. But that’s exactly what makes Wraith King such a menace. In the late game, the chance of killing him twice in just 1 minute is low.

People play WK quite often, as he is picked in around 12% of the matches.


Dazzle’s win rate in Dota 2 patch 7.30e is ~53.75%. What makes the hero strong is his early game and his ability to keep allies alive. Poison Touch is very powerful against all heroes, especially the melee ones that are already a bit slow. Combined with Dazzle’s superior movement speed, this ability allows you to latch to a target for many hits and lower its HP enough to drive it out of the lane. This works even better if you have an ally with you and you’re trying to harass the enemy carry or offlaner.

At level 10, Dazzle can be turned into a support that has excellent mana regen or a support that deals lots of damage. His +1.75 mana regen and his +50 damage talents greatly enhance his potential. Ideally, you’ll want to take the damage, just as at 15 you should take the strength (+20). Doing this will make it much harder for opponents to target you at the start of the fight.

Another ability that makes Dazzle so successful is Bad Juju. This passive greatly reduces the cooldown of every other ability and decreases the armor of every enemy hero in a 1200 radius each time you cast a spell. The debuffs are not impressive at level 1, but they get significantly better at level 2.


It’s a bit strange to see Silencer among the highest win rate heroes of Dota 2 patch 7.30e given his average results at The International 10. But the hero is clearly strong in certain brackets and very hard to deal with because of his potent early game. His Glaives of Wisdom give him a big power spike at level 3 and his Arcane Curse allows him to deal a lot of damage to a target before it can get away from him. Because of these reasons, you can abuse Silencer and gain a big networth advantage quickly.

Silencer’s win rate in Dota 2 patch 7.30e is ~53.70%. But unlike other high win rate heroes, he is picked more frequently: ~14.75% of the games.


Jakiro got buffed by Dota 2 patch 7.30 and also by 7.30c. He also suffered a few nerfs, but those nerfs were small compared to the buffs. This made him popular again and substantially increased his win rate (~53.65%). Jakiro is also picked quite often, in around 10.5% of the games.

One thing you’ll love about Jakiro is his level 10 talent: +325 attack range. If you play him as a damage-dealing support, you’ll have a lot of fun. Because you can also buy a Dragon Lance and get to a total attack range of 865. Jakiro’s main specialty, however, is his ability to destroy enemy towers with his Liquid Fire.


Photo credit: Valve