Fragster | 21. June 2022

Does it make sense to take Split out of VALORANT map pool?

Many players and professional players are currently discussing whether it makes sense that Split will soon be removed from the VALORANT map pool. While some are happy that the map will soon be gone, others think it was a wrong decision.

Riot Games will remove map Split from the professional VALORANT map pool at the end of the season in September. This has caused a lot of discussion and the pros can’t quite agree on what to make of it. While some players fully support this decision, others feel that the developers removed the wrong map and made a mistake.

With the upcoming VALORANT Patch 5.0, the new map Pearl will be added and Split will no longer be playable as Riot decided to remove it to keep seven maps in the rotation. The developers have stated that Split might come back, albeit with some changes.

Split wasn’t very popular

Split was one of the first three maps fans got to see in beta, and it’s changed quite a few times since it was first released. While the map hasn’t garnered much attention from the gaming community, pro players have grown accustomed to it.

Some players find that Split is one of those maps that has a wide variety of different agents to play on, making the game more fun to watch. Above all, professional players appreciate the flexibility of the map in terms of agents and tactical strategies. This means that the last time we see Split in the VALORANT Champions is likely to be the last time we see it.

Some pros are glad Split is leaving VALORANT

However, some players are quite happy that Split will soon no longer be played. FaZe Clan’s Phat “supamen” Le stated: “I’m extremely happy. I hate this map. I’ve never been beaten 13-0 on any other map except this map.” 

Ghost player Brock “brawk” Somerhalder felt the same way, although he admitted he would have preferred to see Bind leave the map pool. “Split isn’t bad either,” brawk said, “In my opinion, it’s just not a lot of fun to play the map.”

Eight maps would have been overkill

It wouldn’t have been an alternative to keep Split and then introduce the 8th map with Pearl. This would likely have overwhelmed players and reduced game quality. In matches with 8 or more maps, some teams probably just wouldn’t have enough time to prepare properly.

Header: Riot Games