DMZ Guide: Farmers LunchBox key – Where to use?

We continue with the different guides to finish the different contracts or tasks in the brand-new DMZ game mode... Eduardo | 19. March 2023

We continue with the different guides to finish the different contracts or tasks in the brand-new DMZ game mode of Warzone 2. This time, we will give a brief and straightforward explanation of where and how to use the Farmers LunchBox key.

After the release of Warzone 2 season 2, we could see a lot of new content in every way. From new POIs, a new map, weapons, and more. Our beloved DMZ mode does not escape from it, as players have new missions, contracts, keys, a new faction, and a new map to explore, Ashika Island.

Farmers LunchBox key

As we mentioned, in Warzone 2 Season 2, the developers included a new map called Ashika Island. By now, many frequent players should know the map like the back of their hand, as it came along with the Resurgence mode, one of the community’s most acclaimed modes.

Ashika Island is a much smaller map than Al Mazrah. However, it is full of POIs that are waiting for all players to go and plunder them. It is a spectacular map for Resurgence mode and DMZ mode.

Like the previous map, Ashika Island has some locations, loot caches, lockers, toolboxes, or rooms, which are completely locked at the start of the game. Therefore, players must have specific keys to access and acquire valuable loot.

If, in one of your raids in Al Mazrah or Ashika Island, you come across the Farmers LunchBox key and don’t know where to use it, don’t worry. We are here to help you.

Farmers LunchBox – Location

First, you should note that the Farmers LunchBox is located on Ashika Island, so you must select the new Warzone 2 map before launching the game in DMZ mode.

Once deployed on Ashika Island, you must head to the western part of the map, close to the Oganikku Farms area, specifically at coordinate D4. Next, we will show you the exact location of the Farmers LunchBox on the tactical map of Ashika Island.

Screenshot 173

Credits: Activision

The building we are looking for is explicitly located south of the farms. This will be a somewhat small building, and it is straightforward to access in every way. That is to say; you won’t have to worry too much about AI fighters lurking around the area, as there usually aren’t many of them. The building has all the doors open; you will see them completely jammed.

Screenshot 174

Credits: Activision

Once inside this building, you will have to look for a toolbox that, when you approach, will appear locked and has the name Farmers LunchBox.

Screenshot 175

Credits: Activision

Then, interact with the toolbox, collect all the valuable loot inside, and head towards the nearest extraction point to finish the game.

Header: Activision