Disguised Toast looking for players to create LoL team

Popular content creator Disguised Toast has announced that it seeks players to create its League of Legends team. This... Eduardo | 23. May 2023

Popular content creator Disguised Toast has announced that it seeks players to create its League of Legends team. This would mark Disguised Toast’s entry into the LoL competitive scene much sooner than we might have thought.

Undoubtedly, this content creator’s intentions have always been to support esports. However, now, when there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the future of the LCS and NACL, the arrival of this popular content creator to the scene could be a determining factor in reviving the region.

Disguised Toast seeks players for its League of Legends team

Last May 22, the content creator, through a Twitch broadcast, mentioned (as a joke) that he is considering creating an LoL team. Moreover, Disguised Toast posted it on his Twitter account, something that might be a bit more serious, so to speak.

Disguised, as Disguised Toast’s esports team is called, currently has a VALORANT team in the VCL NA. While the team is not at its best and did not meet expectations in Split 2, Disguised Toast has shown its support for the players throughout.

This announcement by Disguised Toast caused the LoL NA community to get a little excited. Also, the fact that the tweet refers to the fact that he’s looking for the “best LoL player available in NA” makes one think that they are thinking big.

On the other hand, it’s worth noting that the competitive LoL scene in NA is in a tough spot right now, as several organizations decided to leave the Challengers scene and, a few days ago, TSM announced that they were leaving their spot in the LCS to try their luck in other regions of the world.

Disguised could help the scene

While it’s true that we can’t see the future, the entry of Disguised Toast’s team to the League of Legends NA scene could be a great boost to the league, as let’s remember that he is a really popular character on streaming platforms. Also, his VALORANT team, despite not being able to win a single match in VCL Split 2, had over 100,000 viewers in several matches played.

The problems of the LCS have increased in recent years due to organizations claiming financial problems to support their teams. As a result, many decided to drop out of the league’s development program when Riot Games and the LCS decided to change some regulations concerning the NACL.

Disguised Toast has a golden opportunity, as it could be the team replacing TSM in the LCS or simply entering the NACL to start from the bottom. On the other hand, this could also be the start of a wave of content creators and influencers who want to invest in esports. Recall that MrBeast announced several months ago that he would create a League of Legends team.

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