Disguised to participate in NACL

One of the content creators who doesn’t just talk the talk and sell smoke, Disguised Toast, has done it... Eduardo | 25. May 2023

One of the content creators who doesn’t just talk the talk and sell smoke, Disguised Toast, has done it again. After just a few days since he mentioned that he wanted to create an LoL team to compete in the North American scene, everything has been confirmed and made a reality. As a result, Disguised will be part of the upcoming NACL.

There is no doubt that Disguised Toast is completely convinced to give its full support to esports, and this entry to the NACL is a sign of that. With big organizations leaving the Challengers scene recently, the fact that popular personalities are betting on it is a great help for players, the community, and the LCS itself.

Disguised Toast confirms its team for the NACL

Through a statement on its official Twitter account, Disguised Toast confirmed the rumors of the creation of a League of Legends team and, in addition, announced that the team will compete in the NACL.

Riot Games published a statement on May 24 with everything related to the NACL; in addition to the ten participating teams, the official schedule and the format that will be used were announced. In addition to Disguised, we will have the presence of new teams that will replace those large organizations that decided to abandon their development teams.

Disguised (LoL) becomes the second official esports team created by the popular content creator, Disguised Toast. Recall that, in early 2023, a VALORANT team was announced for the VCL NA, with really important players like Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker.

Toast fueled the rumors a few days ago

Disguised Toast said he was willing to create a League of Legends team in a stream on his Twitch channel. Hours later, he wrote a Tweet asking about the best LoL players in the NA scene that would be available. All this, just as he did then with the VALORANT team.

However, there is still no information regarding which players will play under the Disguised banner in the NACL.

The team will be playing in the Challengers division of the LCS, and with the departure of several teams from the scene, they have a lot of players to choose from for the lineup. For example, Lawrence “Lost” Hui, Rayan “Sniper” Shoura, and many others are available now.

Undoubtedly, Toast’s popularity in his career as a content creator and now with his VALORANT team in the VCL can help spark the interest of different players. Also, this can give much more visibility to this division that, right now, is going through a black cloud.

Remember that players know that the Challengers scene can serve as a springboard to play in the LCS. However, it is at its lowest point right now, and adding Disguised to this league can help them get out of that pit.

Header: Riot Games