Disguised officially announce its League of Legends line-up

As we had pointed out in the last hours, Disguised presented its League of Legends line-up that they will... Eduardo | 2. June 2023

As we had pointed out in the last hours, Disguised presented its League of Legends line-up that they will use in the next edition of the NACL (NA Challengers League). This new lineup comprises young promises which have proven their worth to perform at the highest level and two veterans with extensive experience in the scene.

While it is true that the NACL and LCS are in a complicated situation, the popular content creator, Disguised Toast, has decided to dabble in the League of Legends scene and spend a bundle on it. Also, it’s worth noting that this lineup has some of the best NA players in the game’s history.

Disguised announces League of Legends lineup

As it has become accustomed to us during these first six months of 2023, Disguised announced its League of Legends lineup via a statement on its official Twitter account.

As we had mentioned in a previous article, Disguised’s lineup is as follows:

  • Aaron “FakeGod” Lee – Top
  • Tristan “Zeyzal” Stidam – Support
  • Tomio “Tomio” Chan – Jungle
  • Young Ho “Young” Choi – Mid
  • Brandon “Meech” Choi- ADC
  • Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer – Head Coach

Unlike many teams in the North American scene, where importing players reigned supreme in their League of Legends lineups, Disguised has decided to stay within NA. This lineup is a clear mix of extremely talented and promising young players with experienced players who have proven themselves in the top division of North American LoL.

About the Disguised players

There is no doubt that this Disguised lineup has some well-known names in the North American League of Legends community. Moreover, we can see that by looking at Tristan “Zeyzal” Stidham. Zeyzal was part of the Cloud9 squad that played in the Worlds 2018 semifinals. FakeGod, on the other hand, has several seasons playing for NACL teams, but he is most remembered for his performances with 100 Thieves and Dignitas.

Now, the remaining Disguised players are talents that, while they have great potential, do not have the experience of FakeGood and Zeyzal.

We start with Young, who competed briefly with Golden Guardians in the LCS Spring Split 2023, as he was a substitute in the team while waiting for Kim “Gori” Tae-woo to the USA. Unfortunately, during this period, Golden Guardians could not win a single game, but there is no doubt that this can boost this player.

Finally, Tomio and Meech are players who still do not know what it is to play at the highest competitive level of North American LoL. However, they have several years of being prominent talents in the scene.

While it is true that Disguised will not play in the LCS, this lineup, by name and how it is conformed, looks very powerful. As a result, they can generate a lot of buzzes to help revive the NA scene, which is now in a very dark situation.

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