Dallas Cowboys launches Game Time gaming platform

The Dallas Cowboys are launching the Game Time gaming platform thanks to their partnership with GameSquare and Lenovo. These... Maria | 18. April 2023

The Dallas Cowboys are launching the Game Time gaming platform thanks to their partnership with GameSquare and Lenovo.

These three companies join forces in a two-year partnership to launch a Dallas Cowboys Game Time gaming platform.

All about the new platform Dallas Cowboys Game Time

Dallas Cowboys Games Time was specially designed to offer the team’s fan community the ability to compete in different games throughout the year and win special prizes.

The platform is powered by Lenovo technology, and starting May 20, all Dallas Cowboys fans will be able to enjoy a Fortnite tournament.

With this new platform, the organization seeks to innovate thanks to the cutting-edge technology of its allies. At the same time, they intend to increase their fan base in esports.

On the other hand, people who participate in the platform’s programs will receive exclusive rewards such as spending the day with a player of the organization. Another reward will be to receive tickets to future Super Bowls. Undoubtedly, this platform intends to revolutionize the fan experience because of the prizes and because it will offer great content and competitions throughout the year.

As previously mentioned, the first tournament on the platform will take place in a few days. In addition, the winners of the first tournament will receive tickets to this year’s Super Bowl, and best of all, the trip to Las Vegas is an all-expenses-paid trip for two.

Comments on the partnership between Dallas Cowboys, GameSquare, and Lenovo

GameSquare CEO Justin Kenna has commented that he is teaming up with these two great companies to take advantage of all the capabilities that GameSquare has. In this way, it provides an enriching experience to all Dallas Cowboys fans.

On the other hand, Lenovo’s marketing director, Gerald Youngblood, commented that the Dallas Cowboys platform would be unique and innovative thanks to Lenovo’s technology. He also adds why this platform aims to connect all fans of technology who love esports.

Boosting the Dallas Cowboys Game Time platform

GameSquare’s Gaming Community Network will be used to boost the Dallas Cowboys game time platform. They will be in charge of managing all tournament operations on the platform. In addition, to take the platform to another level, Lenovo, Dallas Cowboys, GameSquare, and complexity gaming are unified and thus provide unforgettable experiences to the entire community.

On the other hand, it is important to note that this is not the first collaboration between Dallas Cowboys and Lenovo. These two companies have a partnership where Lenovo provides all the hardware for the esports organization.

In addition, Dallas Cowboys and Lenovo are engaged in initiatives with the Dalla-Ft. Dallas community, as well as developing a program where they support local small businesses.

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