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Lekr0 Is Northbound

Jonas “⁠Lekr0⁠” Olofsson has led the NiP roster for almost two years, but in May, he was moved to the bench as the team welcomed Hampus “hampus” Poser. Now, the […]


ESL One Cologne: Was Grim The Right Choice?

Just recently, Team Liquid have replaced their in-game-leader Nick “nitr0” Canella with Michael “Grim” Wince. The young player has proven to be a capable fragger. However, losing their leading figure, […]


ESL One Cologne: Will Astralis Be Ready?

Astralis have recently undergone severe roster changes. Their in-game-leader and star clutcher have both placed themselves on the bench. Two new players have been recruited in their stead, but can […]

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