Radu M. | 7. December 2021

CS:GO Tips I Wish I Knew as a Beginner

Here are some of the tips I wish I knew many years ago, when I started my CS:GO adventure.

Skins and Scams

Since I started to play the game, I’ve always liked skins. The first time CS:GO skins and cases were introduced, a lot of people didn’t know how to get them. So, bad-intended people on YouTube invented “CS:GO Skin Generators” which were indeed some scams that worked as keyloggers. You would run the program and insert your log-in password and the desired skin to “generate”.

The program would tell you that you would receive the skin the next day, but, instead, someone would steal your account and change your login credentials. You could e-mail Valve to recover the account, but most of the time as bad people tend to do bad stuff, your account could have been already banned because of cheating. In the following article, I am going to give you some tips so you don’t end up like that.

Always Be Careful

In my CS:GO career I did meet a lot of new people, which would end up later becoming my friends. Some of them liked to gamble on websites, and I had some friends get their accounts stolen because of phishing websites, that looked exactly like the real deal. Most of the time, steam login websites, or gambling sites are going to be your main concern.

Double-check every time you’re going to go on a legitimate gambling website or every time you’re going to log in on Steam. No one is going to give you free expensive stuff if you’re going to log on to their website or download a specific application from them.

What Is Phishing?

Most types of phishing use some form of technical deception designed to make a link in a message appear to belong to the organization the bad guys are impersonating. Misspelled URLs or the use of subdomains are common tricks used by phishers. Verify whenever when you log in on steam that the log-in platform URL is “https://steamcommunity.com/login/” or “https://store.steampowered.com”.

Do not click on random links your “friends” send. Do not give away your login credentials to anyone.

Do Not Download Programs That Make Changes to CS:GO

Your friend just sent you a program that helps you hit better headshots. You shouldn’t download or get anywhere near that program. Any form of cheating or gameplay-enhancing programs are 100% bannable.

Do not get programs that give you skins, because they are 100% scams,  they are most of the time keyloggers that are going to steal not just only your steam account, but even valuable data like your credit card details or important information. Anything that affects the game is bannable, even little stuff like a crosshair that stays on your display the whole time.

Do not click on e-mails about your steam account that aren’t from Valve. If your e-mail account was compromised, bad-intended guys may send you fake login websites that are going to steal your login credentials the second you’re going to submit them.


Photo credit: IEM|Helena-Kristiansson