CS:GO situation for EG gets complicated

One of North America’s most popular esports organizations, Evil Geniuses, is experiencing severe problems in its CS:GO division. After... Eduardo | 24. February 2023

One of North America’s most popular esports organizations, Evil Geniuses, is experiencing severe problems in its CS:GO division.

After the team failed to qualify for the RMR of the Americas, which was an “effortless” task for many, the organization has many internal dramas that may cause an explosion in the coming days.

After this disappointing performance for the team, several players gave totally unexpected statements. This undoubtedly puts this lineup in an extreme situation shortly.

CS:GO in NA has been affected by VALORANT

There is no doubt that EG has been in a snake pit for quite some time now. However, this situation got worse recently, even more so since 2022. During last season, it could be seen through Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip’s complicated situation with the technical staff. From there, EG announced its “Blueprint” project, in which the team would have 15 players spread out in different lineups to “feedback.” However, none of this has worked out, and many point out that Riot’s tactical shooter VALORANT may be one of the causes.

It is impossible not to relate this situation of EG’s CS:GO division to the North American scene. VALORANT occupies the giant spotlight in North American teams, and big teams have recently decided to establish themselves in this Riot Games shooter.

The CS:GO scene in NA is genuinely worrying. This region has only four top-tier organizations: Team Liquid, Complexity, Evil Geniuses, and Cloud9. Furthermore, it is worth noting that C9 comprises an all-Russian player base. Despite the low competitive level in NA and the shortage of top-tier teams, EG failed to qualify for the upcoming RMR.

Dark future for EG’s CS:GO division

EG is currently playing the ESL Pro League S17, and due to the new format being implemented, it cannot be said that the team finished last in their group. However, the team lost its first match against Cloud9 and was sent to the Lower Bracket. They will now play for their lives against IHC Esports on February 25.

All this has generated many controversial statements in different areas. For example, Kassad, a popular CS:GO caster, paid $1,000 to a team that eliminated EG in the last qualifier. After that, he had to detail that he did not want to cause controversy.

On the other hand, Keith “NAF” Markovic, a current Team Liquid player, stated in an interview that if he had signed for EG, he would have been an “idiot.”. These statements undoubtedly fuel the fire in this complicated situation in this North American organization.

A few days ago, we also observed how Daniel “Vorborg” Vorborg, a coach who came to “save” the EG situation, was disappointed after being eliminated for the RMR.

Other well-known personalities in the CS:GO scenes, such as casters or journalists, are starting to doubt the team’s future. Many of these talk about a possible “disband.”. However, this is unlikely, as the team is partnered with ESL.

Undoubtedly, the situation in EG in relation to CS:GO is very complicated. The team needs an outstanding performance in this ESL Pro League S17 to calm the waters. However, after being crushed by C9, the team must avoid being eliminated by IHC in the Lower Bracket at all costs.

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