CS2: IEM Dallas 2024 sees massive viewership increase over 2023 edition

The 2024 Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Dallas has set new viewership records and has greatly exceeded the 2023 edition.... Paolo | 3. June 2024

The 2024 Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Dallas has set new viewership records and has greatly exceeded the 2023 edition.

Data from Esports Charts showed that IEM Dallas 2024’s viewership was an overall uptick from its previous edition the year prior. The Grand Finals match between G2 Esports and Team Vitality gained a massive 155% increase in peak concurrent viewers, totalling at over 823,000 – half a million more than the 323,000+ peak viewers from the previous year’s event.


“A huge number of viewers tuned in to watch G2 Esports’ lift the trophy in Dallas with an American stand-in by their side,” the global esports statistics provider stated in its report.

Esports Charts noted that the Hours Watched metric recorded a 55.2% increase compared to last year’s event, and average concurrent viewership rose by 75.2%, also helped by a slightly tighter event schedule.

In a display of remarkable esports prowess, the IEM Dallas 2024 tournament has captivated a global audience, accumulating nearly 12 million Hours Watched within a concise 50-hour broadcast timeframe. 


Esports Charts noted that a discernible pattern emerges when analyzing the tournament’s most-viewed matches, wherein G2 Esports emerges as a dominant contender. Of particular significance is their representation in three out of the top five matches, attaining peak concurrent viewership. This prominence is underscored by a strategic maneuver, as the absence of their in-game leader, Hooxi, due to familial commitments, necessitated the inclusion of Stewie2k, a distinguished figure in the realm of North American Counter-Strike.

Stewie2k, renowned for his assertive gameplay style and bestowed with the moniker of the “smoke criminal,” transitioned from active professional play to the realm of streaming in 2022, accumulating a formidable following on Twitch, presently numbering at over 1.45 million. His reintegration into the professional circuit at IEM Dallas 2024 evoked widespread anticipation among aficionados. Furthermore, the event facilitated the reunion of Stewie2k with his erstwhile teammate-turned-streamer, tarik, whose channel garnered noteworthy attention, further enhancing the tournament’s prestige.

Esports Charts also says that IEM Dallas 2024 has already become the third-most popular CS2 tournament of the year so far, falling only behind two other IEMs: IEM Copenhagen 2024 and IEM Katowice 2024, both of which are also noteworthy and historic events in professional Counter-Strike.

More data from the tournament and other CS2 events can be found at the Esports Charts website at escharts.com.