Cross-play is Finally Coming to Overwatch!

Cross-play is slowly becoming the norm and, frankly, it was about time! We’re talking about something that’s so inherently... | 10. June 2021

Cross-play is slowly becoming the norm and, frankly, it was about time! We’re talking about something that’s so inherently practical, user-friendly, and just flat-out logical. Segregating users based on their platform makes no sense whatsoever, and it’s really baffling that it took so much time for cross-play to truly go mainstream. We’re elated to report that cross-play will also be coming to Overwatch, and it’ll happen sooner rather than later!

Before we delve any deeper into the nitty-gritty of it all, make sure to watch the official Developer Update video down below!

Overwatch Crossplay | At Long Last

Going forward, console players (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and the Nintendo Switch) will all be able to compete with each other in both Competitive and Quick Play.

Moreover, PC and console gamers will also be joined into a single pool, unless they queue up for Competitive. In that case, they’ll be separated in order to maintain competitive integrity. Those playing on mice and keyboards would invariably have an upper hand over their controller-wielding opponents, so this is definitely for the best.

Finally, console aim assist will be disabled by default if you group up with PC players in order to maintain a balanced state of affairs. You can always opt out if cross-play and compete with players on your system of choice but there’s very little reason to do so — you’d be doing so at your own detriment! By conflating multiple different player pools, Blizzard will surely cut down on queue times and make Overwatch feel a lot more alive than it actually is. This is definitely a plus as far as we’re concerned! Most folks just want to queue up and have a bit of fun, and now they’ll be able to do so faster than ever!

When’s The Release Date?

Overwatch cross-play will hit live servers in a matter of days, albeit only for Quick Play! Cross-play for competitive will be released alongside Season 29 which is scheduled for June 1st. All in all, this is definitely a cause for celebration, regardless of your platform of choice! Kudos to Blizzard for delivering on their promise! They might not be particularly fast or expedient, but at least they stayed true to their word. As the old saying goes: “better late than never!”