Complexity Win DreamHack Jönköping

ESL Challenger at DreamHack Summer is over and its winner is Complexity. The North American team had been trying... Radu M. | 16. June 2024

ESL Challenger at DreamHack Summer is over and its winner is Complexity.

The North American team had been trying to win a significant CS2 tournament since the start of the season. Their best attempt prior to this competition had been at ESL Pro League S19, where they finished 3rd – 4th.

Now they finally proved that their position in the global ranks (10th) is fully deserved. For EliGE and his teammates, this could be the beginning of a glorious era.

They don’t need to become the best in the world. It’s sufficient if they can be a top eight team and remain there until the end of the season. Such a performance would mark one of the best periods in Complexity’s history.

Complexity’s Matches

Complexity started the tournament in group B, where they had to compete against Alliance, ENCE, and MIBR.

The first match, against Alliance, ended very quickly. The score was 13 – 2 on Dust II and every member of the NA squad did great. Hallzerk, in particular, finished with a rating 2.0 of 2.07.

The second match was also played on Dust II. But this time, Complexity faced a much stronger opponent. ENCE proved to be well-prepared and performed much better than expected on the CT side. The final score was 10 – 13.

Once again, hallzerk was Complexity’s best player. Meanwhile, gla1ve was the best player of ENCE, which is a bit strange given that he’s the IGL.

In the decider match, Complexity defeated MIBR. The scores were 8 – 13 on Ancient, 13 – 11 on Vertigo, and 13 – 10 on Anubis. Everyone struggled in this match, with the exception of saffee, who finished with a score of 54 – 35. However, his performance was not enough to save MIBR from elimination.

In the playoffs, Complexity’s first opponent was Aurora Gaming. This was supposed to be a quick 2 – 0, but Aurora found a way to win on Nuke. The other two maps were easily won by EliGE’s team.

The Grand Final against Team Falcons was supposed to be a huge test for Complexity and it was. The scores were 13 – 10 on Vertigo and 13 – 9 on Nuke. Zonic tried his best to win his first trophy with Falcons but he’ll have to wait a bit longer.

The problem, however, is that a failure at this competitive level pretty much guarantees that he will fail in S-tier tournaments as well.

The man of the match was EliGE, whose personal score was 40 – 26, 94.1, 1.47.

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